Is there a way to animate text parameters?

I'm trying to something that should be very simple... simply animate the character spacing in a word, and as far as I can tell, there's no way to even enable keyframing for text parameters. Am I missing something?


  • You are correct, there's currently no way to animate text properties. Sorry about that! Definitely something I'd like to see added.
  • If you're one of the people who came to Hitfilm via Sony Vegas, I will note that the Legacy Text engine in Vegas allows animation of all parameters, including what the text actually says. If you're a Vegas user, you could animate your text in Vegas, render out as a 32-bit Quicktime (This is the only way to output video with alpha transparency from Vegas) and import the text animation into Hitfilm to finish off with Hitfilm's superior effects.
    Note: If you ARE a Vegas user, you can't bring Vegas generated text directly into Hitfilm--you do have to render it out. Hitfilm/Vegas integration only lets you link video clips from Vegas to Hitfilm, and any Vegas effects are going to be applied after everything you did in Hitfilm.
  • I am (unfortunately, perhaps) not a Vegas user... and I did attempt to do the text animation I was envisioning in Premiere and even Illustrator, where I discovered the same frustration, though rendering the titles and importing them into HitFilm would have been fine with me.
    I hope HitFilm gains this functionality, though when I get a new machine it won't be a mac, so at that point I'll probably try out Vegas since I've been hearing so much about it. :)
  • Sony movie studio might have this too. A lot cheaper than vegas pro.
  • HarHar
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    Another affordable option that I've been using for years is BluffTitler, which lets you keyframe pretty much any text parameter there is.
    Sony Movie Studio does indeed have the Legacy text engine that Triem23 and yme mentioned as well as Vegas Pro.
  • Ah, Bluff Titler is a better bet if you primarily want/need text animation. Bluff Titler has 3D text capabilities both Hitfilm and Vegas lack. Vegas's ProType engine can yield excellent results(for 2D) text as well if you can get around it's clunky interface. Another option is NewBlue's Titler Pro (version 2, skip version 1) which has a very very nice preset library that lets you create nice titles very quickly by mixing and matching preset styles animations and transitions, and also supports NewBlue effects as plug-ins directly in the text engine. Bluff Titler is the cheapest of these options. Vegas gives the added benefit of being an NLE.
  • Here's an example of the kind of text animation you can do in Blufftitler: this is a music video I did a while back, with all of the visual effects done entirely in BT: the spinning, scrambled 3D text that eventually resolves (I keyframed multiple parameters of the individual text characters over time), the plasma/particle based foggy background, and the 3D "reverse explosion" of the album cover artwork that flies together from a bunch of fragments and solidifies towards the end.


  • Nice! I'll have to check out Blufftitler... once I get a new windows rig that I can run it on :)
  • Apple's Motion has this functionality.
    I just migrated from there to HitFilm...would def love to see this added!
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