Short teaser trailer edited using HitFilm
this is just a smaller teaser trailer for a short Im working on starring my son. Hope you enjoy.
Edited in HitFilm and some minor grading work in HitFilm with after effects used for main effects. I hope to use HitFilms 3D capabilities more in the finished short which will be about 5 to 8 minutes in length.
Cheers hope you enjoy.


  • very good. just work on the colour correction it is way too green!
    i like the use of the light flare for the sun, but the positioning of it changes throughout the clips. make sure the position of the flare is consistent when shooting from various angles. even if this means not having the hotspot visible in every shot and just the other element of the light flare.
    if you are going for the movie look expand the footage until it fits the widescreen. this atleast looks much better in the youtube player.
  • Hi Thanks for the Feedback. Its a jungle planet but thats the second comment about things being too green so will take a look at lowering the green.
    The sun changed depending on the angle of the shot so I thought that was the right way to go about it. If Im wrong please elaborate and I'll go back and fix it.
    The Jedi character is supposed to teleport into the real world from the jungle planet where he is followed by the bad guys.
    It will be a comedy like the first. I know theres nothing funny yet.
    I'll expand when the whole project is finished.
    Thanks again.
  • Just to add some of the scenes use rotobrush which elimates the green from the characters letting them retain their colour or me change it entirely.
  • the sun error i was referring too, was in the shot switch between 0:17 and 0:18 in the later shot the sun appears to be in the bushes, it should be slightly out of shot so the main part of the flare is unseen.
    as for the green. bear in mind jungles are more colourful than just one shade of green. try making the colours more vivid without just filtering through the green. this will make the green more prominent without ignoring the full range of colours that the 'jungle planet' would provide.
    at 1:00 the environment is entirely green but the kid is lit with white light. remember the lighting on a subject will reflect that of their environment. add a colour filter that is similar to, but softer than the colour of the environment.
    at 1:08 the boy is shaking around with the camera, the boy should be stationary, (when someone films with a shaky hand, the person being filmed doesn't bob around right?) try adding a point to the composition during the scene where the kid has the cars in the background. track a place that is stationary on the clip, such as the bottom of a lamp post, and edit the aforementioned point so it follows the place you have chosen to track. this will require you to frame-by-frame edit this shot. then just parent the clip of the kid to the point and it will seem as if the camera shake is not affecting the position of the kid. some repositioning may have to be done.
  • Thanks thats very helpful. I will look at all these points and address them later. A second pair of eyes is always better. The last two shots were just test shots and the shot with the cars probably wont be used at all just the teleportation effect which I hope to improve on..
    Though If I had wanted to keep it I would have motion tracked the footage.
  • I now see what you mean especially the sun bit.

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