Render error: Not enough video memory

I have a composite shot that I cannot render. It has multiple 3D lights, some 3D objects, shadowing and ambient occlusion etc. It gave me this error, said "cannot render frame 0.." and stopped after calculating the render for about 30 secs.
My setup:
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5780, 1024MB
CPU: 3,1 intel dual core
8GB of RAM
It should be about the "recommended". I wonder why this happens, because it can render the frame in the preview window without problems, tho it takes time.
Anyone else bumped onto this problem?


  • Hi,
    Please could you give me a little more information on your composite shot.
    How many shadow casting lights are you using and what are their light types?
    Shadow casting point lights use a lot more memory than shadow casting directional or spot lights.
    I wonder if the difference you experience between preview and export rendering may be due to the render settings you have in the viewer. The render settings, located from the pull down menu on the viewer panel, have options to enable and disable motion blur, depth of field, anti-aliasing etc in the viewer. During an export all these options will be used if they are enabled in the composite shot. Please could you confirm that these are all enabled in the viewer.
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    There are 9 point lights and ambient light in the scene. Point lights all cast shadows. I have everything you mentioned on except depth of field. I dont turn that on in the camera setting either, so does it still calculate it during export..? Thanks for the advice about different light types. Oh, the scene contains 3d object that has about 300 vertices.
  • I put on depth of field from the camera settings and on the preview window. It renders fine.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    ..."I dont turn that on in the camera setting either, so does it still calculate it during export..?"
    If you don't turn on depth of field in the camera setting then it won't render using it during export or preview rendering.
    We have a similar system here and have been able to reproduce the problem. We are looking into it.
  • Great! Thank you. :) -Merry a bit late christmas and happy forthcoming new year! :P

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