HF2 Textures in 3D Space

So I've been playing around with Hitfilm 2, and I noticed something odd that I can't get to the bottom of. In Hitfilm 1, if you switched to the "Perspective" view, or pretty much any other view, you'd be able to see exactly how a particle effect appeared in the 3D space. You could navigate through the 3D space and the effect would look like a proper 3D effect. What was especially handy for me, was being able to switch to a top view to see exactly how close certain effects were to the camera, compared to the others.
However, in Hitfilm 2, when I switch to the top, right, left, etc. views, none of my 3D effects appear. I just see the camera, and any planes or point layers in the shot. And in the perspective view the 3D effect (in this case a simple particle simulator) is indeed there in the 3D space --- but the textures appear "flat" and 2D... instead of having the uh... full 3D appearance they did in Hitfilm 1.
This issue isn't exclusive to this particular particle effect. If I drop any of the 3D particle presets into the shot, they all have the same "flat textures" appearance.
I attached a screenshot of how the effect looks from the perspective view in Hitfilm 1... and a shot of how the same effect (recreated exactly) looks from the same perspective view in Hitfilm 2.
I like being able to see the effects from the perspective and top views, in particular. They are an awesome way to quickly determine how close certain layers are to the camera, and in relation to each other. This is especially important to me because I'm working on shots for a stereoscopic 3D film... so I like being able to check that I've got the shot layed out correctly in 3D space.
So I'm assuming this is a glitch, or something that I'm overlooking and/or doing wrong. Any suggestions?


  • By default all particles are billboarded towards the active camera to give the illusion that a 2D image is representing a 3D object. In HitFilm 1 all particles that were billboarded, were also billboarded towards the orthographic (left, right, top etc) and perspective cameras. However, this didn't give a true representation of the 3D layers - since in all views the particles should billboard towards the active camera. This has resulted in the difference you show in your attached screen shots.
    Sorry this change has impacted your workflow. There are alternative methods - you can use the preview option to render the particle positions in 3D space in all views. Or you can create a new camera and use this to orbit your scene in the active camera view. By hiding the original camera in the active camera view - your second new camera will be used and you can orbit with this camera to obtain the view you want without affecting your original camera and your final render.
  • Okay, that makes sense. BUT... I strongly suggest you guys consider adding an option that would allow us to billboard and view particles from the orthographic and perspective views --- like we could in Hitfilm 1. It would just save so much time for people, who'd otherwise have to individually toggle all the particle/muzzle layers to "preview", or set up a new "reference" camera as you described. For doing something as simple as say... checking the angle/orientation of a muzzle flash, I'd love to just switch to a top or side view and be able to actually see the effect.
    If it was in HF1, it couldn't be too hard to add an option back into HF2, could it? :)

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