SketchWork TV "E3: THE HERO TRIAL" (Using HitFilm)

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Hi guys,
We have recently had the pleasure of beta testing FXhome's new flagship product HitFilm and the software is amazing. We figured the best way to crash test software is to throw it into a live environment and see how it copes - the results are brilliant!
So, this weeks SketchWork TV short film was created from start to finish in HitFilm and is entitled: "E3: The Hero Trial" where we start to look into the world of the super hero with a new mini-series "The Protectors".
I hope you enjoy episode 3.
All the best,
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  • Episode 4 coming over this weekend.
  • That was really cool. At the end though, you mentioned to check out channel two for the "how to." But I couldn't find this channel two...?
  • Yeah, I'd love to know how to find channel 2. :)
  • Ahh, yes channel 2 :) Had a couple of things we needed to get sorted, but it will be going live in the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay, we just want to get it right :D

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