How do i add font ?

Hi just seeing if someone can help me out her. Im a new user of this software and i need some help on adding font i found on a wed site. Been looking in the founders and everywhere.
Can some shear some light on this please ?


  • You don't add fonts to HitFilm itself, you just need to add a font to your normal Windows font folder, then it'll also be available in HitFilm.
  • I have a ton of fonts on my computer under Windows, which Sony Vegas picks up. However, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate is still not showing them. Any other options?
  • What format are the fonts you are using? Use the TrueType version, if possible. Then try restarting your computer to make sure the fonts are cataloged into the OS and they should be available.
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    Hello, i was changing from Win7 to win 10. After that Hitfilm could not find my ttf font which I already use in Window.
    "Nyala [Missing]".

    also tried several restarts and reinstalls of Hitfilm

    Using HF 2U

    Any support for my oldschool version?

  • @dazzafakt Nyala is not a standard Windows font. It would have been removed by the Windows upgrade.

     First, you might have to use Windows search to see if it's still on your computer. If not, you can re-download here.

    You'll have to reinstall the font before Hitfilm can see it. 

    Chances are no further patches will be issued for Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. 

  • Thanks for the solution

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