lego and fxhome lab in one afternoon

a quick animation
sadly it is in the wrong format... anyone know how to sort this out?


  • Did you make this in Visionlab? Usually something like that happens when the export settings are wrong but I'll let someone else confirm. In the meantime you could double check the export settings and make sure it's set to 16:9 / anamorphic rather than 4:3.
  • It's in the right format when I watch it, but soon as I up load it it goes wrong
  • Are you upload it straight through Youtube and not through any other software?
  • I uploaded from a windows format because I saved it to my pc, (but I used fxhome studio pro for it)
  • There is no such program called "fxhome studio pro". I assume you mean effects lab pro? :P
    Well, when exporting the video, you should check if the resolution of the video is set to 1080 x 720, that way it will be widescreen.
  • Yeah that's the one, I have it, I just forgot the name, tried to guess it :P lol... Okay will check that....thanks
  • visionlab studio
  • Doesnt matter, should be the same when it comes to exporting.
  • If you use any uncompressed video format it should render as the same aspect ratio it was shot in.
  • i will try with my latest one i will upload in an hour or 2
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