Virgin Media Shorts 2011

Who is entering/has entered the 2011 VM shorts competition?
Lightmill Films (including myself and other HitFilm staff members Rebecca and Ross), have been working on an entry. We are hoping to post it soon (though of course the deadline is soon, so we'd better!), after which we'll have some photos from behind the scenes and other stuff to post up.
What about you guys?


  • Yeah, love to see what else people managed to do for it. Especially in the really tight running time! ;)
    Here is the link to our channel including the film we did for the 48-hour London Sci-fi comp not too long ago: Lightmill Films on Vimeo
  • I really need to enter some of these comps, especially the 24/48 hour ones. And daniel, does the G stand for GOT, in your name ;)
  • Be prepared for some serious lack of sleep with the 48-hour comps. A seriously tough but great experience.
  • Yeah, I've heard they're really punishing, but, if you can produce in such a tight timespace, when your given longer you should be more than prepared.
  • Working on the VFX of our product now, attached a shot in progress.

  • daniel, does the G stand for GOT, in your name ;)

    Something like that!
    That effect is looking nice Ross :D
  • Good luck with your entry Daniel,Rebecca and Ross. I've watched quite a few of the past couple of years entries and some were very professional and entertaining so there is quite strong competition. I've always wanted to enter something like this- especially the virgin media ones as i think the rewards they offer are great- the finalists got to show their films in cinemas across the country in previous years which is undoubtedly a massive bonus for the film makers.
    I wish you best of luck Lightmill films and any others that decide to enter.
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    Thanks mercianfilm!
    Here's another one - half the effects shots down now! :D
    [attachment=32:pressing the button.jpg]
  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    It's done!
    The competition closed today with over a thousand entries, judges will be carefully sifting through these over the next few weeks before coming up with a shortlist and winner.
    You can view Lightmill Films' entry here:

    The Profit

    Sorry, no embed (yet).
  • excellent short, great camera work, and loved the little flare effect on the lights. I thought the ending was a bit sudden though, a great twist but hardly enough time for it to sink in before the credits roll. 4 out of 5 for sure.
  • Thanks for taking the time to watch mikeQ76!
    I do agree with you about that last shot but that running time was tight, I only had 1 frame to spare! I expect the Vimeo/YouTube cut to be that little bit longer ;)
  • This is great stuff, probably my favourite thing I've seen from you guys. All the more remarkable given the...unusual scriptwriting process. ;)
  • Nice. Made me laugh, even though the ending is a tragic one. One crit would be the colors of the two loaves seemed different just after the cloning.
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    Loved the loaves and fish being used, I'm assuming that was intentional? Feeding the five thousand
  • I loved this guys- it was a very cool short-a nice,original idea, good effects and acting and well done camerawork- all in all a solid entry for the competition- good luck with it Lightmill! I especially liked the twist at the end-i agree with mikeQ76 that the final shot could have lasted a little longer but you already cleared that up in your reply.
    Like i said- good luck in the competition- any idea when you'll get a response from VM?
    All the best,
  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    Loved the loaves and fish being used, I'm assuming that was intentional? Feeding the five thousand

    Yup! We initially had a totally different script written, planned, and ready to go on another biblical theme. Unfortunately the night before filming we had lost out actor and had no replacement. I came up with the new idea at 4 AM, wrote a synopsis, we storyboarded it at 9, then started shooting about midday.

    any idea when you'll get a response from VM?

    VM are now working on the longlist, if we're on that we'll be notified "in due course". If we get on to that, the next stage is the shortlist (12 films out of over 1000), which is to be announced on Friday 16th September. Those 12 films get transferred to 35mm, and shown in cinemas nationwide for a year. We'd be ecstatically happy with that. Then there's also the People's Choice Award, where the public vote for the favourite from the 12, and the grand prize, picked by judges and worth £30k and the chance to make a film with VM & the BFI. These prizes get announced in November.
  • Good luck chaps. :)

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