Steeldragon action hero of Dominican pre-production

This project is currently in preproduction and in the
process of development, the end of this year we're at it.


  • Cool! I like the colour palette. You could do with a bit of spill removal on the greenscreened character, though.
  • Looks pretty cool. What is it about? Do you have a story yet? Where in preproduction are you? I'll stop there, but this does beg a lot of questions! Neat pic, I'll echo Simon's comment.
  • Thanks this is a sketch of the character we're developing the script and the end of preproduction, we are studying a lot this Ultimate HItfilms producer for this project.
    We are in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and God willing the end of the year we'll be in production.
    We are currently producing a film of mixed martial arts and street fighting which is called THE FURY titles.
  • edited July 2011
    But we've been watching the tutorials and carefully studying Hitfilm and definitely qualifies this program we are looking to develop our projects.
    We are confident and believe Hitfilms will soon be one of the best programs Production Companies worldwide.
    Here are a fan and his fans.

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