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Hello Vidgods,

I just installed Pro so I could check out features.  Puppet Tool is my first stop.

I watched the tutorial vid:


I make a comp shot, import an image with a transparent background, and apply the Puppet effect to the layer.  So far so good.

Then I click create mesh.  The only thing that happens is that the mode changes to animate.  No green lines appear on image.  I can't do anything else, no other options appear. 

I tried this with three different images, so I'm clearly not getting something.

Thanks for any tips.


  • The functionality of the Puppet effect changed soon after I made that tutorial. After selecting Generate Mesh, click around the image itself in the Viewer to add points. You can then instantly click and drag the points around to distort the image. 

  • Aha, thanks for the clarification!

  • I was having a play with the Puppet tool last evening, wear you click those points seems very important, for example clicking in an area with a boxed of mesh will move only that area, but if I place a point right on the edge it seems to work. Also say you have fingers, having a point at the tip and the joint seems to make it animate better. Would be good if a @Ady Dev member could provide some detail on how it functions.


  • I don't see any mesh in my copy (Hitfilm Pro trial).

    I do have basic operations of the Puppet working now, and must say this is a great gizmo.  What I like is the marriage of simplicity and power, most excellent.  If FXhome wants to bring newbies in the door, I'd guess making a big deal out of the Puppet could be a good way to do that.   Simplicity, power, accessible price, a winner.

    I was confused about the Z order thing, but some other threads are helping clear that up.

    I'm experimenting with Puppet using Hitfilm Pro trial.  The animation goes blurry after first frame.  Is this just a security feature of the Pro trial?   If yes, no problem, I get it.  If that's not it, can anyone comment on blurry output?  Thanks!


  • Thank you!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @PhilTanny have you played around in Express v8 yet? What's tripping you up is the updated (totally new) Viewer Quality settings. Hitfilm now allows different settings for Paused and Playback quality and resolution. So playback might go to half res and lower effects quality while pausing snaps back to full res/quality for detail adjustments. It's not a security feature, but a speed enhancement tool.

    I believe Hitfilm sets Playback Quality automatically on initial startup based on one's GPU.

    Go up to the "OPTIONS" drop down menu at the top right of the viewer panel to change those settings.

    Visit the FILE>OPTIONS>QUALITY PROFILES tab to customize the Fastest, Quick, Draft and Final settings to taste.

    This is also how the viewer panel will work in Hitfilm Express from now on.

    I love the power of this new setup, but maintain (as I have publicly since Hitfilm Pro v6 came out last November) that the top right corner of the viewer panel was the wrong place for those toggles. I think they should have gone where the old viewer render toggles were at the bottom-left of the Viewer.

  • Thanks Triem.    I just installed OSX El Capitan on an external drive so that I could run Express 8 and Pro Trial.  I haven't fired up Express 8 yet, as I'm exploring features like the puppet tool in Pro Trial.  I, um, just recently learned that the Pro Trial makes such explorations possible, which is great.

    Thanks for the detailed instructions, I should be able to get it now.

    Remember all my too many rants about newbie accessible tools, blah, blah, blah?  The puppet tool seems an excellent example, I'm really impressed.  Simplicity + Power + Accessible Price

    If you're still making tutorials, here's a suggestion.   What is the shortest path for someone who has never used Hitfilm to get up and running with the puppet tool?  What's the absolute minimum that they need to know, everything else ruthlessly discarded?

    1) Install hitfilm

    2) Choose Comp shot panel

    3) Drag clip to media panel.

    4) Make comp shot from clip

    5) Drag puppet from effects to layer

    6) puppet tool instructions

    That's what interests me.  How fast and how smoothly can someone be guided from knowing nothing at all to doing something fun?  What's the shortest path between A and B? 

    That's what I see in the Puppet Tool, perhaps the easiest most compelling on ramp in to the Hitfilm experience.   And then, once you're in the door and having fun, of course you want to learn more.

    If it were me, I'd create a sales page specifically for newbies showcasing the Puppet Tool as if it were a stand alone product.  The pitch, not "Hitfilm does a million things" but instead "Hitfilm does this really fun easy thing".  Never mind about the million things, that comes later, after the easy fun has hooked them.

    Oh wait, I forgot to mention blah, blah, blah, blah, etc ad naseum.  That too.

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    the anchor points are barely visible within the green grid - is there a way to make them bigger or darker?

  • @mindmatter Not currently. Might be a useful request for the wish list.

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