New Features In Composite?

I work primarily in composite and so I'm trying to understand which of the new features are in the composite section of Hitfilm.  Thanks for any links or discussion.


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    If you go to this link:, you can see the new features in Express. Here is a list of important features in the compositing environment.

    • Many 2D effects now have interactive graphical widgets, so they can be adjusted directly in the viewer.
    • Viewer Quality Options can now be adjusted to improve performance in the Viewer, allowing for customized playback and pause quality.
    • Full screen preview available in Express.
    • New layout panel added with controls for precisely aligning & positioning layers.
    • Default preferences for the Viewer panel, such as the default background color, can now be set in the Options dialog.
    • Added the ability to select multiple points on a mask by dragging a rubber band around them.
    • Added support for transparency in all Plane layers.
    • Text layers now support Asian characters allowing users to easily type and render in a number of additional languages.

    For all new features and fixes, you can visit the link above.

    Hope this helps, Jamie - Film Empire

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  • Thanks Jamie, I had seen that page but was having a bit of trouble sorting out what were composite features.  Thanks for your list!

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