Bullet Time VFX

Hey guys,

This is a VFX test of the Bullet Time Effect from The Matrix. Created in After Effects and Hitfilm, but techniques could easily be applied in Hitfilm As well. Let me know what you guys think :)



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looked good! 

  • Good stuff, man!

  • Great effects, but worrying on many other levels.

  • @Digitaldave Agree with everyone else about the level of your VFX, but the 'old man' rose up strong in me and I couldn't help worrying about that gun and hoping it was a fake.  Scared me...!

  • @digitaldave ; Great job.  I like that you took the time to properly animate the ejection of the spent cases.  you also rendered a believable muzzle flash with heat distortion. 

    Based on the camera angles, I am going to assume that it was just you and the other person involved in the shot.

    @tddavis ; The replica Beretta was definitely a fake.  

  • @BobDimarzio, wasn't the gun itself so much; it was the "script" that worried me.

  • @Palacono It troubled me as well.

  • @tddavis

    Haha thanks, as this was shot in my backyard (no pun intended) I knew fully that I could use the prop gun safely without any people being concerned. If I were to shoot in public then I would of course have an orange tip on my guns :)

  • @BobDiMarzio @Palacono

    Sorry if it came across as morbid, I'm down in Australia so this kind of humour is pretty common.

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    @Digitaldave ;  Apparently others spotted it as dummy gun waaay better than I.  I chalk it up to my total cluelessness of firearms, but I was taken in by it.

  • @tddavis ;

    Cheers man at least that means the prop is convincing :)

  • Nice work with the effect . Be good to see you expand on  it and add a sequence of shots and movements. You planning to make some thing  ?

  • @Rogyrue Nah its just a vfx test thats all. Although I am currently working on a flash fan film so stay tuned for that

  • Just found this, nicely done, what was the AE elements? Ie. what was it that you found Hitfilm wasn't doing for you?

  • @Digitaldave This is awesome! You've done an awesome job on the effects - I'd love to see a breakdown of what you did and how you did it! :)

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    @Digitaldave A tutorial/breakdown of this would be really cool as @OliThompson said. This is really cool.

  • @digitaldave ; what feature was hitfilm lacking that After effects had?


  • @PhineasFilms thanks man! Unfortunately I don't have the time to create a proper vfx breakdown video as I'm really busy with upcoming projects and school, but if you had any questions about a particular aspect of the effect then feel free to ask!

  • @Andersen01498 I like doing my 3d work inside of Cinema 4d as it is a fully fledged 3d program, and the workflow between Cinema 4d and After Effects is very efficient. Other than that, the compositing of the layers could have easily been done in Hitfilm, as well as the 3d work and displacement. I used Hitfilm to edit and grade the final sequence as After Effects isn't as good as Hitfilm for that.

  • @Digitaldave: Nice video! Did you track the scene and apply the tracking to the bullet??

  • @4KMAX appreciate it dude! I tracked the scene in After Effects then exported the camera data out to cinema 4d. All i had to do was animate the bullet from point A to B because the camera was already tracked

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