Reorder exports?

Hi all,

As you might be able to tell from the title, I was wondering if it is possible to change the order of tasks in the export queue.  For example, I have two different projects I'm working on, and one of them is second in the queue. I want that one to export first. Does anyone know how to do this? (I am using Hitfilm Pro, on a mac.)


  • To my knowledge it's not currently possible to reorder export queue tasks.  This would be a great addition to the wishlist, though.

  • OK, thanks for the help. I think I'll just open this specific project in express and export from there.

  • @DIY_Film_Guy

    Right click on the task (or tasks) that you want to re order and use the Force Start action in the contextual menu.

    The task(s) will be moved to the top of the pending queue and automatically started.

  • @DannyDev Sweet! Thanks a ton!

  • Strange. Don’t know how I missed that in the pop-up menu. Good to know for the future! 

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