Playback pauses everytime a press a key


If I am previewing then anytime I press a key on the keyboard, like volume,or scrolling in the timeline playback pauses. How can I change this?


  • Yes it does, even if you have another program on a second monitor click the mouse the playback stops.  It was submitted to the wish list to correct this. 

    However, If you are just adjusting the audio levels in the editor, the playback should not stop. 

  • Playback is stopped to prevent invalidation of the source media/project data by the user while it is in use. There are some exceptions, such as when using the audio mixer controls, but only because we had to engineer in specific use cases.

    I agree that HF is over zealous when it does this. Scrolling the timeline for example or switching between panels should not stop playback but it was done to prevent potential issues.

  • I like the product but I'm trying to come to grips with the playback stopping for any and simple ordinary processes like resizing window frames, adjust system volume, anything really.  I've never used a video that does this.

    Please tell me the HF Pro doesn't do that as I find it highly annoying for the playback to stop so often.

  • @Audiocave2 ; Nope, I'm afraid that is a feature (or bug depending on your POV) of all Hitfilms.

  • Sorry, I didn't know about the other topics.  At any rate, that explanation about protecting the data doesn't hold water (not complaining, just observing) as no other video editor I've ever used does that and it is indeed quite bizarre for any real time media application to not be threaded well enough to continue playback while editing.

    Thanks anyway guys.  I do like the app a lot but that one flaw makes it too far too annoying for me personally.  Was looking to replace Vegas so I suppose the search continues.

  • Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the explanation but unfortunately that doesn't stand up to scrutiny for a real time media application.  Even resizing UI panels stops playback which is unique and (if I may politely suggest) extremely annoying when working real time.  It's a major impediment to workflow.

    HitFilm is a great application but it's nearly crippled by the lack of being able to adjust things in real time on the fly.  I do you guys circle back and re-engineer the underlying playback engine and threading at some point.

    Thanks for listening.

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     Even resizing UI panels stops playback which is unique and (if I may politely suggest) extremely annoying when working real time.  It's a major impediment to workflow.

    The reason for this is that code responsible for playback only 'knows' that the user clicked and dragged the mouse. It has no way of knowing if the user changed something that could invalidate the data.

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    To quote a very good statement of @Triem23: "it's not about Hitfilm VS Vegas, it's Hitfilm WITH Vegas". 

    I suggest to read that forum post:

    I also worked with Vegas for a very long time and came to Hitfilm when it was bundled with Vegas 14. After many years I was annoyed by some lacks Vegas got and so I "played" around with Hitfilm until I found out it's power.  This post helped me to understand that it is not always only a choice of one over another. 

    I also used to click around in Vegas while previewing. I personally changed the way I work a bit now I don't have a problem with Hitfilm stopping playback when clicking around. At some points I even find it useful.


  • Not to debate the point but that's really a no go.  I'm a audio engineer and have been using real time NLE's (audio and video) for many years now and that simply doesn't fly, to have the playback engine of a real time media app stop every time you edit something.  That would make any audio NLE / DAW 100% unusable.

    It's certainly not a fatal flaw for HF but it is indeed a very large flaw and you'd be hard pressed to find any other NLE anywhere (audio or video) that does that.  

    Point being,  we can like HitFilm without excusing that very obvious flaw.  They really should change that.  

    At any rate, thanks for listening.  Much respect.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Juda1 Audiocave I will note that if the devs can ever get Hitfilm to NOT stop playback on every control change it will be a seemingly "little" thing that will greatly improve the user experience for all. I love me some Vegas (with its flaws) and Hitfilm (with its flaws), but both programs have relative weaknesses, which their respective devd continue to work on. :) 

  • @Audiocave2 for what it's worth, you can adjust audio settings in the audio mixer panel and the playback won't stop.

    Stopping playback was a deliberate design decision to prevent any issues (eg the user deletes a layer while HitFilm is rendering). We understand that this wasn't the ideal choice but changing this is a non trivial amount of work, including a lot of testing. I have updated our internal ticket to re evaluate how difficult it would be and hopefully we can improve things soon.

  • Thanks Cedric (and you all), your comments are very much appreciated.

    My day job is tech support / QA for one of the major DAW companies who shall remain unnamed here, so I'm acutely aware of how some users on the internet tend to unfairly whine completely out of context about certain things.  I call it the "entitlement generation". :)  So I wanted to be respectful and fair with my comments about that.

    Props to the forum community here for being mature about it all.

    I do plan to revisit HitFilm at some point as there are *very many* things I love about it.

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