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Hello everyone. I am wondering if it is possible to merge clips. In a project I am working on, I had to split a clip into three pieces, and remove the middle piece. While I can still use the effect I am going to use in the two separate clips, it would be much more convenient to edit the merged clip now and for future projects. Thanks. 


  • You can't just select them and merge them, but there are several workarounds.  One is to place them both into a composite shot.  Another is to render them into a new clip, then re-import that clip into any projects you need it in.
  • Thank you Axel
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    Why isn't merging clips a thing.. We have to jump through so many complicated hoops just to get a single video instead of 20 different videos. Just make it a thing and be done with it. Can't find this "work around" you speak of, so im stuck with either downloading a clip-merging software, or paying for an editing software that does the most basic functions  that this program SHOULD have.

  • @Tekky Axel's two listed workarounds were editing the segment and rendering that as a new clip, or combining the desired clips into a single composite shot, then using that composite on the editing timeline. Which are you incapable of finding--how to export render, or how to create a composite shot. Both of these methods are really basic operations, and both are things you'll need to figure out before you make any progress with the software.

    Incidentally, in Premiere and Avid you "merge" clips, which converts the clips into "nested sequences." This is functionally identical to placing the clips in a composite shot in Hitfilm. Final Cut creates a "compound clip," which is also functionally identical to placing clips into a Hitfilm composite. Vegas Pro merges clips by rendering the "merged" clip to a new file, which is functionally identical to rendering a clip out of Hitfilm. The five different "clip merging" apps I just looked at all work by rendering out a new file.

    In short, the "workarounds" that you can't find are the exact two methods that every other software package you can find will use.

    The original poster had a clip which he'd sliced the middle from. This is an edit, and, no matter what, would require nesting into a composite or rendering to "collapse" into a single file.

    So, now that we've established that Hitfilm works the same way as every other software package, if there's something you need help with, ask. Nicely. And someone will be glad to assist. Come back with more abusive posts, particularly single word profanities, and I will get you banned. Your choice if you wanna play nice or not. 

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    @Tekky Why do you want to just  merge clips? What's the darn reason? Maybe you should define what mean by "merge". Meaning, what is the source and what is the desired result and why it is useful.

    Normally in making a video you take pieces or media, one or many, trim out the parts you don't want, keep the parts you do want and then arrange the pieces in the order you want and then render your video. Just one video from a timeline with an arbitrary number of video clips.

    If you have two media clips and you want the entirety of them one after the other in time then just place them adjacent on your timeline. Done. If that is the extent of your video edit(s) then just export that.

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  • I have an issue with this too, there really needs to be a way to merge clips together to make it convenient to move them around when clipping parts you don't wan't, I don't wan't to have to export and re edit the export all the time just to do that, and for composite shots I seem to be able to make only one per clip when I select them individually not all together.

    Really though it's just that zooming in and out of the editor box just so I can move everything at once and drag highlight them all is a bit of a hassle.


    Also, take a look at the full edit toolset, and pay specific attention to the section from 20:00 to 27:00 or so. Ripple tools should make your life easier, and dragging to select.

    Continuing on, part of the problem here is terms. We old experts haven't quite explained this efficiently for the newer users.

    In VFX, to MERGE a clip specifically means to render a new version and automatically place on the timeline. We've discussed this enough.

    So... Here's where we experienced guys messed up, and @ijustwanttoedit456 showed me where.

    You guys don't really want to merge clips, you want to LINK or GROUP them! Either one of those will move clip B if clip A moves and vice/versa.

    Ok, well, Hitfilm doesn't have that capability. I wish it did.

    So, go to the Wishlist thread and type something like "I wish Hitfilm could group clips in the Editor Timeline like Vegas, Avid and Premiere." The developers check that thread for ideas and see how popular they are.

  • @Axel and Triem23

    Does the advice offered here not contradict what Axel wrote in

    Axel says in the current thread..".One is to place them both into a composite shot." 

    Triem23 says in the current thread...."Axel's two listed workarounds were editing the segment and rendering that as a new clip, or combining the desired clips into a single composite shot, then using that composite on the editing timeline."

    But Axel's earlier post seems to suggest that multiple clips cannot be combined as a sequence in a composite shot.

    I am starting a project but also learning here.

    Since I am filming a series of machine shop operations I created directories like "drill", "cut sheet steel squares", "cut disks from squares" and so on. Since there are many such operations it seemed natural to try and organise my work flow like this.

    I organised my clips into these directories and intended to create a composite - a sequence of edited clips for each maching operation.

    I then proposed to bring those composites onto the main time line of the project. 

    I have loads of clips for each operation and so I wanted to keep things simple by "containerizing" the editing and decision making for each machine operation - dive down to that level if changes required but otherwise treat the edited sequence for that operation as a black box to be imported onto the timeline as a single unit.

    Axel's comments in the earlier thread  (link supplied above) led me to believe that my proposed method of working would not be possible and I am assuming that is the case although my understanding of comments on this later thread seem to contradict.

    I appreciate that Triem23 offers an alternative method of working I am just looking here for clarification as I am a newbie and I am not sure if I am reading contradictory advice or not?



  • @Jonnie45 I think I see where the confusion lies.

    If you select more than one clip on the main Editor timeline, HitFilm will not let you turn them both into a new composite shot automatically.  This is what @AxelWilkinson pointed out in the other thread you referenced.  You can do this with a single clip from the main Editor timeline, but not with more than one clip.

    However, you can make a new composite shot manually, then drag as many clips as you want into it from the media bin and arrange them to play in succession.  This is what Axel and @Triem23 are talking about above.

    In the one, you're trying to make a comp from multiple clips in the editor, which isn't allowed.  In the other, you make the comp first, then add the clips, which works just fine.

    Does that clarify things?

  • @jsbarrett

    Hi thanks for that.

    So far it seems to be working out fine following your instructions, I edited a number of related clips almost as a 'project within a project' and the resultant composite seems to load into the 'main project' without any issues.

    Is this a regular way of working or am I going against conventional wisdom here?

    Thanks again.









  • @Jonnie45 That's totally a regular way of working.  Composite shots are pretty open-ended.  There's almost no "wrong" way of using them.  If it helps you accomplish your task more effectively and/or efficiently, then do it.

    Once you've messed with composite shots dropped onto the main editor timeline, next begin to think of the magic that can happen when you use one composite shot inside another composite shot.  :)

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