Errors with Clips in Timeline

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When I import clips I can play them fine but when I place them in my timeline the clips only show black and when I enter the compositor the video is transparent but the audio is fine.


Celeron 4-core @1.1ghz 

No GPU since it's a cheap laptop.

4 GB of RAM 



  • More info is needed about the media files that exhibit this problem.  If you don't already have MediaInfo installed, please download and install it now.  Drag one of your problem clips into it, then switch the view to Text mode.  Copy the report details and paste them into a reply here.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You should also list off your system specs. CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage.

    Make certain your GPU drivers are current if you're on Windows. If you're on MAC, you'll just have to hope that Apple, in it's infinite wisdom, gave you non-buggy drivers.

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    I have edited the post to include my specs, as for drivers intel says I have the latest. 


    I'll include the report details later when I get home. 


    All your help is appreciated.


    Thanks :D

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Don't need the report.

    Hitfilm requires a minimum i3 CPU. Your Celeron is well below minimum specs to run Hitfilm. Hitfilm requires a GPU. The Intel HD 4000 is the minimum for integrated. Those (or better) could be found on any i3/5/7 released after April, 2012. Sorry, wish I had better news.

  •  Oh okay, well thanks anyway.

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