Arabic Text Not Supported?

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Hello guys,

First I'd like to tell the HitFilm team what a great and amazing work they have put out for the public society. Coming from WindowsMovieMakerLive, this is like heaven.

However one problem I faced when adding Arabic text to my videos is that it is not supported?

I mean if I enter the alphabet A for example in Arabic: أ     , then one letter shows up and then the next sadly does some function in the program. For example goes up back to the select tool and then I can't continue typing.

Also for example the word for HitFilm in Arabic is: هــت فــيــلــم , however in the text box it shows up as: ه ت ف ي ل م, which is not joined. It doesn't work like that in Arabic.

So, better shown than said, here's a picture:


  • YzNYzN
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  • YzNYzN
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    Even if I copy it from outside the App and then paste it in the text still is not connecting.

  • Temporary fix until this is addressed, you can go online a text to image converter (I believe they exist) and whatever you type should be exported as a png or jpg.  Import them into your video.

    Also IF you have photoshop you can type what you need there and export it a png and the text should there with a transparent background :)

    Hope this will sufice until the DEVs can look into it.

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    I am unfamiliar with Arabic letters and syntax (other than thinking it's very pretty writing), but I know that until Hitfilm 4 the text tool only supported the Western character set. Are there rules for how characters connect, or do you require multiple key presses (maybe needing, as an example/guess, a CTRL key modifier) for single characters like in certain Asian fonts? 

    I ask because I don't know, learning is good, and I am assuming such information would also be valuable to the staff. 

  • @YzN - I read this out of curiosity and pun intended- it's all Greek to me.  ;^)

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    @Triem Thanks for your quick reply!

    Man that is sad! :(  I don't think it would of been hard for the team to allow all kinds of characters don't you think? That narrows the range of a lot of videos that could of been made by HitFilm !

    I hope one of the team members can maybe create a plugin or something.


    Anyways yes Arabic is a beautiful language which contains between 90 to 500 million words! 

    Concerning the syntax, MOST letters connect if there's another letter after it, however some letters don't have that ability.

    for example the word for cat is: قطة - qitta ------ as you see the first two letters connect but not the last, so if you try: حمارة -- female donkey ---- both letters are the same but it wont connect in this case, because the letter before it is ر  which doesn't connect. But ط in the first word accepts connection, so even the character pattern changes.

    And you don't need to use any other buttons if you have the Arabic Language driver which usually comes with the operating system. However you'd need to for SOME vowel on top of the letters for example: أ إ   ُ    ٌ   ً   َ   لإ  and in order to 'lengthen' the text line for accessory usually like: أنـــــــــــــــــــــا إســـــــــــــمـــــــي  instead of أنا إسمي.


    I hope that helps and I REALLY hope one of the staff thinks about this. With such simple tweak HitFilm can really gain so much audience.

  • @TriFlixFilms

    Man! That didn't come to mind. All I was thinking through was software.

    Thanks for the temp. fix ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok. I think I get it. From a tech standpoint I guess the the key is how/when the system needs the relevant language driver and how hard it is to implement the system calls. 

    Thank you for the explanation. :-)

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    I have no idea about the "why" but apparently Arabic and other middle eastern fonts can be extremely difficult to deal with. Office 2013 broke Arabic support in Word but at the same time everything worked in PowerPoint.

    There's steps you have to take in Photoshop to get full Arabic support but in other Adobe apps like Illustrator you don't have to do anything special.

    Now that I typed all that out I just realized Arabic fonts seem to work in apps that use a vector engine like Illustrator and PowerPoint but have problems with a bitmap (Photoshop) or other engine types (Word). Not sure if that bodes well for HitFilm and now I'm wondering how the Boris plugins in HitFilm 4 Pro would handle things since they do have some vector support.

    Anyway I agree with TriFlixFilms your best option for now is to use something else that renders Arabic properly and export to PNG.

  • Glad to help :)

  • Hi @YzN, I'm sorry you are having a hard time using HitFilm. We definitely have room for improvement in the text area and correct support for Arabic and other non Western European languages is on the list of things to improve. However, as you can imagine it is a big list, so I cannot say as to when we will get round to doing it. By all means, please add your suggestion to the Wishlist thread, we regularly check it and re read it when working on new features ;)

    We recently added in HitFilm 4 the support for fonts that do not support the ANSI character sets as well as all OpenType fonts.

    Out of curiosity, why do you lengthen the text? I've seen it on signs when on holiday and thought that a different line length meant something different.

  • @Aladdin4d

    Interesting post.

    I'm also not sure why that is so. I know though that there should be ton more Arab software developers to support worldwide technology!


    Thanks for the reply, you guys have already done so much to be honest and I believe you guys have a bright future ahead of you.

    Concerning the lengthened text I'm not really sure which signs you saw but usually it's used to make the word bigger and clearer from distance.

    Imagine reading: إسلام -- Islam, as opposed to: إســـــلام .   It's usually easier ;P

    Speaking of lines and fonts the Islamic Calligraphy is very well known and famous for it's incredible calligraphy which is very popular among the Arabic, Persian and Ottoman alphabets.

    Islamic Caligraphy

  • Hi

    You can Use the following website

    just write your arabic website there and then copy the output text and paste it in hitfilm and enjoy.


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    Shokran ya akhi!

    That saved me a lot of time.

  • so its almost two years now and no one cares :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Alkenani Hitfilm 2017 added support for "Asian Fonts." I believe that included Arabic? Am I wrong? 

  • @Alkenani HitFilm version 6.0 added support for inputting characters using Windows IME, which is necessary for some languages like Japanese for example. We will look into adding support for joined characters in the future. As you can imagine everyone is asking for features that they would like to have in HitFilm and we cannot do them all at the same time.

  • Hebrew is working if the chosen font supports Hebrew characters. So I think Arabic is supported as well (under Windows)

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