Hitfilm Express Color Correction compared to Premiere Pri

I unfortunately didn't light this scene very well but this makes a good example of just a little thing I can't do in Hitfilm. You'll notice the highlights on her face and head. (Link to photo below) I subdued them in premiere but not hitfilm.  

There is a color correction slider called "whites"  in the Lumetri Color effect in Premiere and I've tried everything I can in HitFilm Express to do what the "whites" slider doesw. I have the colorist pack and the starter pack with the additional color correcting/grading abilities and I went through them all. 

Anyone have any ideas on what to do here?



  • Those basic shadows, highlights, black and whites controls are a common set of controls seen in Adobe like raw conversion setups. The controls mean a bit less than with actual raw files but the highlights and whites should be similar. The whites controlling a tighter/smaller range than highlights. I have been a fan of these 4 tonal control adjustment options since Adobe first came up with then some ten(?) years ago for photo raw development.

    In Hitfilm you have the color wheels which has highlights controls and you can use the lightness property to control the tone of the highlights. In color wheels you do not have control of the range of the highlights so it might alter a greater/lesser range than your specific requirement at the time.

    The shadows & highlights effect in Hitfilm will allow you to control the tone of the highlights and you can control the breadth of what is considered a highlight. This is the tonal width control.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Study any tutorial on Color Curves for any software. Curves are a standardized tool and work in Hitfilm the same as anything else. 

    Curves is, bottom line, the most flexible and powerful color correction and grading tool and Curves alone can recreate almost any other color correction tool easily (except saturation adjustments). 

    Curves can easily isolate a value range to adjust its relative brightness. 

    I do like the White/Highlights/Midtones/shadows/blacks sliders in most RAW photo editors--its a convenient and quick way to zero in on certain value ranges, but it can be recreated with Curves. 

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