Cucky Lharms (A short action film) - My first time using the light sword effect.

Hey guys I recently tried out the Lightsword effect (2 point auto from sci-fi add-on) on a bit of fight choreography we shot in the summer.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out but in the future would like to work some lightsaber glow onto my set/actors, and work a bit more on the flashes/fx when the swords clash. 

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think and feel free to leave some feedback :D


  • This is beautiful.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Lots of fun here. :) 

  • Thanks for the comments :D Trying my best haha 

  • Great work! You've made use of a lot of good effects and they'll be looking even better as you play around with them more. I enjoyed the choreography and silly storyline. Keep it up and please share anything else you create! :)

  • Well done its entertaining  . Good job on the sound and fight sequence.  Looks like you had fun making it

  • Definitely fun!  There are some nitpicky things I could mention about a few elements, but your initial comment indicates that you're already seeing improvements that could be made, which indicates that you're developing a critical eye.  That alone will help you make better and better films going forward.  Keep it up!

  • Thank you, everyone, for the support it actually means a lot coming from the community. If @jsbarrett or any of you are inclined to share any constructive criticism I wouldn't mind hearing it as I'm always looking to improve. Thanks for watching, I will continue to share my projects :D 

  • You guys look like you had a lot of fun with this one . The lack of glow stuck out the most. I remember these guys saying the same to me with the last clip that I showed for feedback lol.

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