newest episode of marley's ghost . made on hitfilm 3 pro


  • Wow this looks good I'll watch later. Is this a Hitfilm produced short?

  • no it not , but thanks for the boost!

  • I'm confused.  The thread title says "made on hitfilm 3 pro", but then you say that it's not a HitFilm produced short.  So which is it?

  • Maybe he thought I meant made by the Hitfilm guys and not him. 

    I watched it last night and I enjoyed. Was it a big excuse for all your steam punk mates to dress up and act. Feedback some of the scenes felt too long given the place of the movie. I liked most the race leader board shots.

  • Yes it was made using only hitfilm 3 pro. I thought he was asking if it was made by the hitfilm team

  • not an excuse to dress up. lol . most of the people in this web series  are from all over the world and i have never met in person.  some come to my studio ,and others send me video clips of them on green screen. it's cool to have made something with that many people form so many places, it's like having a film made by the world of steampunk and not just one group .


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Huh. Had no idea yiu eete getting clips sent in from people to edit with. This series has more complex production than I thought! 

  • fps of animation are more then real things. You need some effects for animations.

  • Not sure what you mean .Elaborate 

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