Hitfilm layout ,... , click link to view ,... no embeded image

new ,...i can post the  "share link" ,...not everyone likes using  those .

previous ,...not sure if the image will be in the post .  first time trying to add an image , This is a test post , for now .No image , don't know how to do it , sorry bout that .

here is the  share link , to view  myWorkspace_10 . yep it took me ten trys to get it right ,..i think  this is the ultimate functional layout for HFP .




the  EDIT  Comp   Container  is to  "Operate"

the  CONTROLS  Container is to  "Adjust"

the  MEDIA  EFFECTS  TEXT   Container is to  "Select"

 the  VIEW  LAYERS   Containter is to  "View" ( some adjustments too )

the  Lower  Right  Container is to  "View" , ( some adjustments too )

CONTROLS  and  MEDIA    Containers can  be vertically  resized  as needed ( double headed arrow drag ) , giving  full height to   EDIT or CONTROLS  or MEDIA  Containers , when needed .

Update  Feb 14 , 2018 , i have moved  TEXT  tab  to the  lower right quad of the  UI ( it belonged there anyway ) , and i have placed  CONTROLS  with  ( MEDIA  and  EFFECTS  )   only because now there is only 1  panel to slide up\down , to see more\less of the Time Line  when needed .  END  update .


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