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  • I like it!  Really nice movement on everything.  Feels very professional.  About the only thing that bugs me is the texture on the title.  It feels too much like standard fractal noise as the source. Perhaps layer different kinds of noise to break it up a bit, or use an image instead.

    Another way to solve the double-Excalibur thing would be to use a different character for the other cross of the X.  Not sure if the angle would work for that typeface, but a simple forward slash might do the trick.

  • Thanks all! I don't think I'm going to change the two Excaliburs. The sword coming down to meet it was supposed to just be a different sword, but then I forgot and used the same 3d model. It took a really long time to render, though, so I think I'll leave it like this.

    I've been experimenting more with the Kylo Ren lightsaber effect, and I think I've pretty much got it down now. Using the lightsword ultra effect, you can get some really nice distortion. I am also using a particle system for the sparks, that is parented to the hilt point, and set up to point at the tip point (that way it moves correctly when I'm rotoscoping). Here's an image of how it looks right now:

    I think I might use this effect to do my first ever tutorial. Any thoughts?

  • I'm far from a lightsaber expert, but it looks pretty cool to me!

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