So I have a clip that I want but the background is black. Is there a way where I can colour the background green but leave the object or person I want as a normal colour?


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    Yes, but that's extra steps. Try applying either a Demult effect (makes black transparent) or Luminance Key (keys out based on brightness values). 

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    You could also try just setting the layers blending mode to either Add or Screen. (By right-clicking the layer in the timeline and go to Blend>Add / Screen)

    After that you just add a plane with the color you want below the video layer

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    I must correct @The_Blupper

    Blupper, if spintop sets his video layer to add or screen blend mode then adds a green plane underneath, then the add/screen blend mode will brighten the entire image based on the green plane added below. This will not be what spintop wants.

    Demult and/or Luma Key will allow spintop to knock the black to transparent without changing the color values of the top layers.

    Spintop, note that Demult has no controls. It knocks back Pure Black to transparent and rolls off dark grays to less transparent, but there's no controls to adjust in this effect. Try it first, because it's simple, but if you have ghosted areas, you'll be better with the Luminance Key which has controls to adjust the threshold of the key and the rolloff.

  • I find Hue & RGB Key in RGB mode is better at removing Black and touching nothing else. Luminance Key can be a bit fiddly to get it to ignore just Black and not eat into darker colours.

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    @Palacono works for me. That gives spintop three good options to try. :) 


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