Width (3840), Height (2160) or frame-rate (60) are invalid for this level error


I have tried multiple settings but Still I keep on getting this error. "Width (3840), Height (2160) or frame-rate (60) are invalid for this level error"Screenshot

I tried to modify levels, bitrate etc but no help. 

Only thing which works is 1080p export. 

How do resolve this issue?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    At the moment you can't. 60fps at 4k requires mp4 Level 5.2 encoding and Hitfilm only supports up to Level 5.1

    You'd basically have to render your entire video as an image sequence, then render an mp4 (uncheck Render Video) as 1080p 60fps, then use VirtualDub to remux the image sequence with the audio. 

    @Stargazer54 @Aladdin4d or @NormanPCN should be able to give specific instructions. I'm not that up on VirtualDub. 

  • You should be able to render a Cineform file and then transcode that to your AVC MP4 file. You cannot use Handbrake to render the AVC MP4 because Handbrake does not currently support Cineform. VirtualDub or ffmpeg or Convert V6 can be used.

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