Hitfilm won't open over RDP

As the title suggests, Hitfilm crashes when I attempt to open it over a Remote Desktop connection. Hitfilm runs very well when I use my system locally, so it's not an issue with system specifications. My guess is that the resolution change from my local computer to my laptop is preventing Hitfilm from running (I run 2560x1440 on my desktop while my laptop is 1366x768). Is there any solution to this issue? I can provide further information as necessary.


  • Try using VNC instead. There are free/open source server and client options available like TightVNC that you can try.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    RDP can/will lower the desktop color depth if it thinks it's necessary to "improve" the client user experience and that might be causing problems as well. I have HitFilm running on an Azure GPU VM and I've had it running on an Amazon EC2 instance w/Elastic GPU without crashing. That said, the better experience, especially if both machines are on the same LAN, is to use a game streaming option like Steam's In Home streaming instead. I've been using it a lot recently and it's been slick so far. 

  • I love RDP but I may have to try VNC (I've use RealVNC a bit with Raspberry Pi). The connection between the computers certainly isn't the best since I'm using my VPN to connect from the internet. At best there is 6 mbps of upstream bandwidth. I also know this wouldn't provide a smooth editing experience but I'd still like to be able to open Hitfilm and check things.

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