Music Video - Color Correction and Grading

I shot a music video - all shot by candle light. Its warm and yellow and maybe too yellow!

Tungsten is about 2850K, Not knowing I did a little searching and discovered that candle light is 1500-1800K.

I've included screen caps of the base shot (top), in-color/white balance correction for reference, an auto white balance cap taken from a known black and white photo in the shot (bottom), and a compromise that leaves some yellow in the image for a little more of a warm candle lit feel (middle).

My question is - Which do you prefer?
Is there a better basic way to color correct candle light?

What about grading the image in addition to balance, what would you suggest? Brighten some and add a bit of contrast but what can I do to improve the skin tone as it gets sort of garish as I get closer to a "correct" white balance.

Oh, and what is the best tool in HFPro to make these corrections (I'm new!)

Thanks for any help you can offer!


Screen Cap of Satsuki's Song Music Video



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    @brucesearlcom ; I think I would start by tweaking the white balance settings and see if that doesn't help a bit.  I know in photo work you can add a complimentary color to  a photo to get rid of coloration haze like that.  I'm pretty sure Hitfilm would be capable of such a thing but not sure of what effects to use until I experiment.  I'll snag a jpeg and see.

     I wasn't sure exactly what look you want out of it but I made a little video of what I did to the top frame.  I'm no tutorial maker so please forgive the crudeness. Balance test.mp4?dl=0

    If you need some of the yellow color, you can play with the white balance setting more or add some of the color effect to the grade to get what you what.

  • tddavis! That is so nice of you to actually make a video! You are my friend for life! :-)

    I did white balance off of the picture with the dropper too, not the piano keys, as they are ivory, not true white, and my bottom images is that result, I'll watch your video later today, first I have to teach my daughter how to setup and use Studio On Pro so she can take her first crack at recording her own sings by herself so that I don't have to do everything in her production workflow ;-)

    Thanks so much for the video.

  • @brucesearlcom ; You're welcome and think nothing of it.  My keys are white plastic so I took a chance there.  I played around with the brightness and contrast afterwards and found that it would introduce some of the yellow tint back in but you're able to control it pretty well so that might be something to play with.  Hope it helps you out.

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