Video and audio, out of sync.

I'm planning on editing another project on HITFILM4EXPRESS! 

 There's one main problem. The video and the audio are out of sync.(as you may have noticed in the title.)

The video seems to be delayed, or the audio is just advance.

We had two phones to film with in order to film at different angles. One's an iPhone and one's an OPPO phone.

Here's the weird part. Both of them are at 1920x1080pixels and @29.97 frames per second, audio is also at 44100Hz. 

Before I rushed to the forums I exported a sample of each of the footages just to see if it was just my pc rendering it and all that jazz. Yet again, iPhone delayed and OPPO just fine. 

Now I checked the footage (Outside of Hitfilm) and they were both just fine! 

If any of you had this problem before, please, help me. I have a ton of projects to take care of aside from this one and I'm ready to throw my pc at the wall :( THANK YOU VERY MUCH


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Your iPhone is variable frame rate footage. 

    This video discusses what that means, why that's a problem and several different ways to fix it.

    Another option is to upgrade to Express 2017. 2017 is usually able to correctly interpret VFR footage. That said, transcoding, as described in the video, usually improves editing performance. 

  • I'm so sorry for wasting your time! The problem is now solved.

    1. Drink a nice cup of COFFEE

    2. Look again

    The IPHONE and the OPPO had a difference of .97 fps

    iPhone FPS: 29.00 

    OPPO FPS: 29.97

    I'm so sorry! But if there are any problems in the future with a 1920 x 1080 px video at 44100Hz Simply change your 29 FPS to 29.97!


  • @IwannaDice As a coffee drinker myself, I can certainly appreciate your need there! :)

    It is really not a waste of time to ask a question, but thank you for thinking about the valuable time of the people here on the forum. It would probably do you good to watch the video listed above anyway, if for no other reason than to learn more about the whole topic.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @IwannaDice You have not found a solution, you've confirmed my prior post. 

    Understand, Video files come in a certain range of standard frame rates. 29.97 (your Oppo) is the standard frame rate for Nortg American broadcast video. Effectively it's 30 fps skipping one frame every ten seconds. 

    "29" fps (iPhone) is not a video frame rate used by anything. I guarantee you that "29" indicates a Variable Frame Rate file and you're going to end up with the same problem on your iPhone footage again.

    When you do, the video you need to watch is already in this thread. 

  • Transcode!  Nearly every editing system on the planet works better if you first transcode your footage to a "native" format that the editor likes.

    In HF's case that is currently CineForm.  If you can get your original footage on the timeline you can transcode directly out of HF by laying all your footage on the timeline and going to Export. 

    Select Cineform as your output preset.  Also edit the preset and click the Quality dropdown and select High or Medium.  That keeps your output files from getting too large.  I leave mine at High and see no discernible difference in quality compared to the original footage.

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