Hitfilm stuck in demo mode.

Hi,I've just installed hitfilm 4 but it is stuck in demo mode.I have done everything the video said to do but it is still stuck.Any help? Thanks :)


    1. did you logged in with your account?
    2. did you shutdown the hitfilm program and restarted after the activation with mail password?
    3. did you know the current version out there is HF express 2017? (maybe you regestered the version 2017 and tried to activate 4, serialcode for HF2017 only works in v2017 and not in older products)
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you do not already have an existing serial for Hitfilm 4 (from 2016) then you are out of luck. The current version of Express is 2017 (v5) and of Pro is v6. FXHOME does not issue new serials for discontinued versions. 

    Where did you get HF4 from? 

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