"The contents of the file cannot be read" problem

Good evening.

When I was using Hitfilm Express 2017, suddenly it crashed. I didn't care, because all my project was saved. But - when I tried to open this project back, I saw an error: "Hitfilm Express 2017 cannot open (name of project). The contents of the file cannot be read". I reinstalled Hitfilm and ran as administrator, but it didn't help.

Could you fix it?


I know, it has got 0 KB, but I don't know how did it happen.




  • 0 KB can't be fixed, it is just empty. There is no information to fix. When you start hitfilm again - doesn't it ask to recover the last project?

  • I know this is no help now.  But it is always good practice to keep incremental versions or your work.  test-001, test-002, etc.

    That way even if you make a mistake or the software fubars your current work then you will have a previous version of your own to fall back on.

    This is common practice with any software package.  9 times out of 10 you are protecting your work from yourself so that you are free to experiment on the next version without saving over a good copy.

  • How about temporary files?

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