Camera X Y Z arrows always parallel to planes & target point / camera position

Is it possible to set the three main axis of a camera to stay parallel to the 'top', 'front' and 'right' plane? And is it possible to set a target point that the camera can rotate around?

I just started trying to make composite shots, the possibilities are amazing, but the options to edit the camera are a bit disappointing.
My CAD software SolidWorks has a great set of tools which would be really helpful with editing composite shots (


  • Near the Top Center of the viewer look for a drop-down window that says "Local." This is the default mode for the control widget. In that menu, you also have "World," which aligns the widget along the world's master XYZ axes, and "View," which aligns the widget along the active camera's XYZ axes.

    To rotate a camera around the point you would first create a point layer, then parent the camera to this point. To auto align what the camera is pointing at, in it's layer properties, change the "Alignment" properties of the camera.

    Next to the "Local" drop down is a "View:1" Menu. This lets you subdivide the viewer into as many as four panels. in the upper left of each view panel, you can select active camera view, orthographic axis views or "Perspective View" which is an independent camera outside the layer structure.

  • Thank you! Works perfectly, 

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