I have a problem with the frame

Idk how to rotate the frame in the background. 


  • @AfterWrecked If by your question you mean how do you rotate the background layer - Then select the layer on the timeline, hit the little arrow just to the Left of the layer and that will open up the Properties. 

    One of those will be Transform (with its own little arrow).  Open that and there will be a Rotation property.  Make sure your timeline slider is all the way to the left and click the circle next to Rotation.  It will turn blue indicating that you have just created a keyframe.

    Next, move the timeline slider forward to 10 seconds.  You should see Red and Green arrows on top of your image in the viewer and a blue box just to the left of center.  Drag the blue box and your image will rotate around.  Where ever you let go, you'll have a new keyframe at 10 seconds.  (you can also dial in a rotation value in the Rotation property itself). 

    Drag the timeline slider back to the beginning and hit the Space Bar.  You should see your image rotating from 0 to 10 seconds.


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