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Hello, just wondering if it is possible to fix overexposed video. I have done a lot of research and I seen Curves suggested, but my skills are not very good with hitfilm Express. Just wondered if there are any hints or tips anyone could give me?

Image of video below. I have tried to adjust it, but it just ends up being darker. I suspect that's all that can be done, but was hoping that someone with much better skills than me might have a better idea.






  • If the pixel data is gone, there's nothing you can do unfortunately.

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    Yep, that's pretty well gone, but you could perhaps try and 'recreate' the missing colours with the Hue & RGB Key Effect in RGB mode. Luminance Key

    Duplicate the layer and make the lower one invisible. On the top one use the effect to remove the whiter areas of the faces. Then invert it. Make the edges feathered.

    Add the Tint Effect to this and choose a darker version of the skin tone from somewhere outside the over exposed part in the full lower layer. Turn it back on to 'pick' from it.

    Adjust the colours and the percentage of tint (and the Black and White ends of the colour range) on this top layer to add some flesh colour back into that white area.

    Then duplicate that layer, hide the lower one and on the top one use the Matte Cleaner Effect to shrink the matte created by the Hue&RGB effect. the Luminance Key effect to shrink the area of the matte. Adjust the Tint effect to be a few shades lighter and you can add a smaller lighter, skin highlight on top of the second layer to add some more detail. Adjust the feathering to blend it into the other layer. Repeat a third time if you like and have really small lighter highlights perhaps.

    As all this will effect the other colours in the background as well, throw some loose masked, feathered around the two guys so only they are affected.

    I messed about and came up with this, which being honest is...only very slightly less bad than the original, but with more time, you could probably improve on this. :)


    Edit: First attempt was using Hue & RGB, second using Luminance.


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