Hitfilm Pro on the iMac Pro?

I currently do my editing on a 15" MacBook Pro  2017 solely but decided to add an iMac Pro 10 core with the Vega 64 graphics card as a "Studio" editing machine when I'm home. 

As I was contemplating the Mocha Pro and or Mocha VR upgrade (seems like a great deal) I started wondering if I was going to experience any problems going to such a new GPU since Hitfilm might not be optimized for a machine like an upgraded iMac Pro? 

Has anyone had any experience yet with Hitfilm and the iMac Pro?


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    Wow! The 10K beast eh?

    Sorry but I personally don't have one so can't really chime in but you could answer your own question (that is if you own one now) by downloading the Demo and giving it a run through.

  • Downloading my Hitfilm Studio now. Guess get to compare performance versus the MacBook Pro 2017 15 Inch. :) 

  • DWV …? … and what are your initial thoughts?

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