Layer staying static after tracking

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  • @LiamMcM1 get mocha pro plug in its on sale 

  • Andersen i have used both Mocha and Machmover. 

    my issue is that after a camera solve, i parent my object (a jpeg) to one of the points but the  the angle is off. the object remains stiff while the camera turns and moves. i know the trick about using the image stabilization feature to blend shots, but i cant track a point with the camera tracker while my camera moves passed it. i can track it with Mocha or any other camera solver, but i cant figure out how to apply the tracking points from the camera solve for orientation purposes.

    i hope i make myself clear.

    Hitfilm, sorry for the long post in the wishlist

    can someone pleas re-direct me to more relevant thread (if there is one)?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @LiamMcM1 Are you setting your JPEG to a 3D compositing mode?

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    Hi Triem. I can't remember exactly, but i'm almost positive i tried both.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @LiamMcM1 well, double check. To be blunt, there's something you're doing incorrectly in your setup. I could point you to mocha and tracking tutorials, but, from what you describe, it sound most likely that you're not setting your jpeg into a 3D compositing mode and/or not parenting your jpeg to a tracked point.

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    Maybe if project and source files are not so big you could provide a link to that project. I agree with @Triem23 - it looks like the layer is not 3D.

    This is a workflow example for a simple track of a place where you want a sign (your jpeg) to be placed (Btw that kind could also be done as 2D solution using matchmove).

    Track you footage, add a layer for the area where the jpeg should be using roto (assign it to the track already done). Do a cam solve and mark that layer when exporting that solve to a hitfilm composite shot.

    Next import that shot, replace the blue plane with your footage, get rid of the unwanted points (mocha creates four points for each layer, you only need one for this). Get your jpeg into that comp, change layer type to 3D plane (!) and parent it to that point. Now set position, rotation and scale of that jpeg to your needs (NOT the parent point got from mocha). Now when you scrub through the timeline and the camera moves you jpeg sticks at one place and its angle to the camera changes. 

    Maybe you missed one step and this description helps.

  • Thanks Triem and Juda. That's probably my problem. unfortunately  it was awhile ago that i tried it, and after my failure i think i deleted the project (it was only a test). but when i try again i will defiantly use the proper method. what i was trying was something like this: (ya i know this is like the first mention Hitfilm made about machmoving)

    i am new to mocha and somewhat new to hitfilm, but i am learning

    -but at any rate i still think being able to be able interchange points like i mentioned in the wishlist would be a cool feature .

    BTW- thanks Triem for moving  the thread.

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