hitfilm mocha blue screen ??

hello everyone i have been playing around with mocha for hitfilm express and i am new to mocha and wanted to know what i am doing wrong ? i first import my footage in hitfilm then i drag the mocha effect on to the clip then i open up mocha ui my clip is then inside of the mocha interface from there i track my objects then i solve the camera then export camera data and save the composite shot but when i open the file in hitfilm i have the composite shot and all the camera data but my clip isn't there instead of my video clip i end up with a blue image/screen 


  • i know i'm doing something wrong but i'm just not sure what?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You're not doing anything wrong. This was actually covered briefly in the last tutorial on the official Hitfilm Youtube channel.

    So: Earlier versions of Mocha would embed a reference to the source video in the Composite Shot. When the Composite Shot was loaded into Hitfilm another instance of the original video would also load. For a short I did a couple of years ago where I'd have a camera tracking pass, AND a corner pin pass, AND a roto pass, this meant my Hitfilm Project ended up with four copies of each clip in the media bin, which was annoying.

    Current versions of mocha don't reload the video clip--the Blue Plane is a placeholder for whichever mocha layer was active at time of export.

    It is intended behavior that you either drag your video back into the imported Composite Shot from the media bin, or copy/paste the mocha camera and points into whatever other Composite Shot already has your footage.

  • thank you Triem23 for helping me out it worked perfect i am a bit of a newbie at mocha but i love it so far i was all so wondering how to get images/objects to stick i was working on a facereplacment video and was trying to get my head to stick to the one i tracked??


  •  @adamsfilms12 If you've already tracked something (a face or anything else; I'll call this the "target") and want another layer (the "source") to follow what you tracked, first apply the track data to a point layer.  This will make the point follow the target.  Then parent the source to the point.

  • Thank you jsbarrett i have almost got the hang of it mocha is pretty awesome!!

  • Sorry...I forgot this was originally a Mocha question.  I've not yet messed with Mocha HitFilm, so my suggestion might not be 100% accurate.  I was referring to the built-in tracking inside of HitFilm.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @jsbarrett still good advice. Mocha tracking feeds in a Composite Shot with a camera and points corresponding to the tracked planes, so usually one still ends up parenting for easy alignment. 

  • @ triem23

    I have hitfilm Mocha 5 Pro and I am trying to use the"Export tracking Data" and for the life of me I am having issues with replacing the blue plane, that comes with the "export tracking data"  with my image.    If I use the Insert module,    I am able to insert my image and render a clip in Mocha Pro however I wanted to have more flexability with blend modes.  How do I replace the blue plane with my image? Thanks,



  • I guess I should add, That when I drag the tracked footage in to the "Track"  Comp,  mute the plane layer, copy the quad warp to my image layer,  the result is that my image is in the wrong place, and has massive drift.

  • Never mind Figured it out. 

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