Looking to move my workflow to H.265 almost exclusively if I can. I know there was 10bit discussions about the GH5 and native support. Has this request started to bubble to the top as H.265 is being pushed by Apple and Panasonic now?

Also for the life of me I can't find a search function for these forums....


  • Not for exporting in H.265, (that would be fantastic though), I meant that Hitfilm could read H.265 compressed video files.

    It's kind of bad for me since I'm animating something and I only animate segments at a time and in the end I will have tens of small clips that will fill up my hard drive. Please update Hitfilm to support reading H.265 files.

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    @DWV @VOZKEL h.265 support was recently discussed during a live Q&A on YouTube. 

    Long story short it's finances. The license and patent fees for h.265 are substantial. H.265 is still pretty much a minority format. Adding support in the future would require an add-on pack for Express (and its not going to be a mere $10) and would substantially raise the price of Pro. While this may be something added to Hitfilm in the future (FXHOME does not discuss new features before release), it's probably not something happening this year. 

    Otherwise I merged both your threads since we don't need two threads of the exact same topic in an hour. 

    DWV the terrible search on this forum (it's really bad) is the magnifying glass icon on the bottom menu bar. 

  • @Tirem23 Thank you!

  • @DWV (and anyone else who reads this) You can get a better search if you go through Google using the site feature.  Type your search query like so:

    site:hitfilm.com/forum [add keywords here]

    So to search for h.265 topics:

    site:hitfilm.com/forum h.265

  • @jsbarrett Well, hush my mouth!  I never knew you could restrict Google searches to just one site.  That is some really handy and useful info right there.  Many thanks.

  • @tddavis My pleasure!  It’s been mentioned on the forum previously, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it up again. 

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    Even without a finance consideration, I doubt anyone would ever want to use HEVC/H.264 performance reasons. AVC gets enough performance complains on this forum and HEVC is even worse. HEVC is the highest overhead codec one can try to use so you will need a heck of a CPU to handle that. There is no way to do a fast decode HEVC like can be done with AVC.

    Unless hardware decode can be used. Many video players can, and do, use hardware decode but the situation it not likely as simple when it comes to video editors. The media must fit within hardware decode limitations as well. Specifically no 422 as of this writing.

  • 10 core Xeon W processor makes pretty short work of HEVC. (So does the 8 core for that matter)

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    I wouldn't use h.264 or h.265 for editing but exporting in h.265 is a necessity for an easier distribution to multiple platforms.

    H.265 is  a great format to export a 4K VR360 video for Oculus, Samsung  or many others . Using another software just to output an H.265 file is another useless time consuming  step in the pipeline.  This option is already possible in  a $20 software. 

    I love Hitfilm Pro and the community is great!  But some simple features such as exporting H.265 and creating a basic EDL are missing. And it is sad to take financial decision base on the fact that the Hitfilm express community don't want to pay for it.   I think the community that spend the money to buy and upgrade hit film pro should be considered a little more.

    This is my humble opinion of course...



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    "it is sad to take financial decision base on the fact that the Hitfilm express community don't want to pay for it. "

    HitFilm Express may be free to end uses but it's neither free to develop nor license; the licensing costs of the technologies and patents used in Express are subsidised by Pro users.

    The reason that HF does not have h265 or MPEG-4 Level 5.2 support is purely down to the extreme licensing costs. These are not technical limitations.

  • @DannyDev

     I guess it is not that simple to deal with licences, but It would be great to have the option to pay for it as an add-on  even as an Hitfilm pro user.  

    But thanks for the quick reply and explanation.


  • @Jfrog

    The vast majority of Express users do not purchase packs and do not upgrade to Pro so the additional license costs would have to be burdened by Pro users.

    Also, the fees increase with the user base; more users, higher fees.

  • That makes sense.  Thank you.

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