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    @TriFlixFilms ; Hey, long time no see.   Glad you drifted back to us, and congrats on getting through another semester unscathed...well, mostly. :)

  • @Andy001z Thanks man and I haven't been smoking anything... just went through film-making withdraws.

    @tddavis Glad to be back, barely made it through Machine Elements (Stress/Force Analysis).

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    FILMS: Creative Complex (Direction of the Channel)

    Just happy to be making videos again. Also I have the pleasure to announce a friend of mine will be joining the TRIFLIX Team and start helping with the writing/production of videos. More content is on the way... see you soon ;)
  • I only watched the first 30 seconds, so this response might be nonsense, unless you explained that you had more detailed plans after I stopped watching. After all, the start of a video signposts what will follow, right?

    I suspect you'll find that not planning will end up with you running out of steam and getting bogged down. The old 'fail to plan, plan to fail' is a cliche because it's true.

    Simple test: start a stopwatch and have someone count while you name as many animals as you can in 60 seconds. You'll grind to a halt and spend  the last 15 seconds - or more - unable to name a single, solitary animal.

    Take 2: Same test, but now you name animals starting with each letter of the alphabet. When you run dry on each, move to the next letter. If you remember one from a previous letter say it. You'll both name 4,5,6 times as many animals and run out of time before you run out of alphabet. 

    Write down subjects (letters) as they occur to you. Maybe even start alphabetically? Once they're written down, they're a magnet for ideas (animals) to expand on them, so add those too, as well as any follow on subjects (letters) they inspire. Write those down, so they'll be hooks for future ideas (animals). Keep revisiting subjects (letters) as new features (animals) occur to you. When in a creative mood, skim over all the subjects (letters) and expand on any ideas (animals) you can think of for each of them.  Best of luck, whatever you do.

  • Correct me if I'm misinterpreting your video, but it feels like you're seeing planning and creativity at opposite ends of a spectrum, as though you can't have both.  I disagree.  Yes, it's possible to over-plan and occasionally stifle some of the creativity that went into the initial idea, but I believe it's possible to still plan effectively without killing creativity.  It's all about finding the balance.  I'm not saying I've got the answer to how, but as @Palacono cautioned, don't fully abandon planning.

  • My apologies, I should have worded the video better. I am not done outlining a general schedule, but I'm done planning in intense detail. I was a trying to be a perfectionist and sitting on ideas because of many micromanaging issues, hence my use of "I'm done planning in intense detail." It truly was killing my creativity... @palacono

    While I wanted to address the issue of over planning and micromanaging, the true purpose was to talk about the direction of the channel. I recently gained roughly 100 subs within 2 days and wanted to inform them of what the channel is going to become (sadly YouTube took them away the day after I uploaded this video). If I said anything more than "the channel is going to be whatever I want so don't expect a series" that would be going against the over planning statement. In addition I  wanted the 20-50 loyal subscribers to know that the channel is going to be dynamic in content from here on out. @jsbarrett


  •  OK, well keeping your loyal subscribers informed is a good thing. Telling people you have no real direction for future videos might have been what turned off subscribers that came along thinking they knew what your channel was about.

    All over YouTube it's explained: Pick one thing you're good at and stick to it. Don't skip from car reviews to a cooking channel to embroidery and expect all your subscribers to come along. I get that you're still trying out some of the fundamentals of getting from "Subject" to "Final Video", so that will take time; Casey Neistat took years before he took off, he only seems like an overnight success, so keep experimenting and best of luck.

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    FILMS: Oreos & Voodoo (Production Crate Contest - Pranks Gone Wrong)

    Made this for the Pranks Gone Wrong Contest held by Production Crate. Many thanks to David and Andrew for helping produce the video! BTS's will be out on Monday and Wednesday... Enjoy!

  • haha

    I love it!

  • Great Stuff!  Sound was perfect! 

  • Ha!  Nice one!  Got several views out of me. :)

  • Nice! :) I also watched it several times, but initially to try and understand what the second guy was actually saying, as it couldn't have been "breky twis flig"

    All very well put together, but I'm not sure if the last look to camera was necessary (could go either way, TBH), and if we could have seen the first guy just holding the doll first, it wouldn't have been such a WTH? when it appears. Hard to do in 10 seconds, though. ;)

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. Really glad you enjoyed it!

    Also...  breky twis flig = Pranking Tristan hahaha. The BTS for the writing will be out around noon today if you were wondering how we came up with such a weird sketch :)

    @JMcAllister ;@BobDiMarzio ;@jsbarrett ;@Palacono ;

  • I'd quite like to see a longer version, like 20 seconds perhaps, where you're not quite so constrained by the time limit; to see if "the story" would be more obvious.

    I say "I'd like" but it's not going to happen by magic, so umm... maybe for your own benefit? ;)

  • @Palacono you should watch the writing process for the ten second video, the whole story is explained! He just posted it on his channel ;)

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    VLOGS: Writing Process for "Oreos & Voodoo"

    A behind the scenes view of how we came up with the sketch... Enjoy!

    Sorry for the mediocre audio... I used the wrong [loud] lens. The "Filming BTS" that'll be released on Wednesday sounds/looks much better :)

  • VLOGS: Filming Process for "Oreos & Voodoo"

    A behind the scenes view of the filming process for the sketch... Enjoy!

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    FILMS: Eye of the Storm (Film Fights - Weather the Storm)

    Storms are a brewing and as we all know from grade school, the only solution is to hide under a desk. Forced content... Enjoy!


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    So don't hide under something heavy when a big swirling towel is headed for ya? A friend of mine asks- "Why'd you have to kill the dog?!?!?!?!"

  • This entire story stemmed from the idea of, "What did we learn from George Lucas?" The answer was use to use in camera effects, because if you use crappy VFX everyone will hate you hahaha

    Strangely, the dog's death wasn't planned. When Sophie (the girl) went under the desk, Jacks (the dog) followed her and Sophie naturally grabbed him. Which in my opinion worked better for the story; owners usually take their pets with them to hide during tornadoes.  @StormyKnight

  • I love everything about this. :)

  • Thanks @spydurhank and @StormyKnight, I swear I replied to you guys and thanked you for your feedback, but I guess it never sent :(

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    FILMS: Rubik's Revolutions (Production Crate Contest - The Long Shot)

    An artsy 10 second continuous I made this for the Long Shot Contest held by Production Crate. Couldn't have done it without my amazing team. BTS coming out soon... Enjoy!

  • Wow! Nicely done!!! It really flowed together nicely! The only thing is: where are production crate's assets?

  • @HIS_Films Welp... that's a really good question. I wish I had an answer for hahaha. I was planning on using their music but couldn't find anything and ended up making the track myself. Kind of forgot to go back and get a substitute asset. 


  • oh, well I am glad I told you!! Because you need at least one effect from them in order for your entry to count ;) At least you still got time!

  • and when I mean effect I mean VFX, SFX are just for added points ;) hope this helps!!

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    @HIS_Films The site just says, "Use at least 1 effect from" Doesn't say visual or sound; I am going to re-upload with whoosh sound effects on the transitions.  :)

    UPDATE: I re-uploaded and fixed the link. The old video is set to unlisted and the new video is in its place!

  • oh, nice! I will look at it! And I do not mean to be rude (at least don't take it that way) just trying to help ;) it says on their website: "Use of VFX (Use at least 1 effect from FootageCrate"  not SoundCrate and later it says sounds/ music; those are both different sections from their website. 

    This is Footage Crate (on top it says)                          

    This is SoundsCrate                                                        

    I think the reason they want one visual from them is so you are promoting them, and people can see, at least that makes sense ;) Hope I am helpful, I just want your entry to count!

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