Using Mocha Hitfilm add-on "Quick Stabilize Mode" data in HitFilm Express 2017

I first did a two point stabilization in HitFilm, which worked ok, but the end result almost looked like a slight rolling shutter effect. The original footage isn't great.

I tried it in Mocha Express with "Quick Stabilize Mode", based on one X-Spline object, and it looks near perfect. It also didn't get thrown off by objects moving in front of the tracking area - very cool.

However, I can't figure out how to get the data (or a render) back to HitFilm Express. I searched the forum, and found conflicting information relating to this, but nothing directly addressing it.

I can export tracking data from the X-Spline object, and bring it in as a composite to HitFilm Express, but it just moves the video left/right/up/down. I can't get it to match the equivalent of "Purpose: Stabilize" in HitFilm Express.

Any ideas, or is this not currently possible?


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    Mocha's Quick Stabilize is not something you can output or render. It's a playback mode in Mocha that locks around the selected layer to allow a user to check a spline or surface for drift.

    In Hitfilm Express/Pro 2017 and earlier there is no way I can think of to get stabilization data out of Mocha Hitfilm to Hitfilm. In Pro v6 a stabilization point could be created, video parented to the stabilization point, and aBehavior added to invert the Mocha track data for the stabilization point.

    Mocha PRO has a renderable stabilization. Mocha Pro can be purchased as a stand alone or as a plug-in for Hitfilm Pro. 

  • Ok - that makes sense. I didn't realize the real purpose of that feature. I can't justify buying PRO, although it sounds like it's amazing.

    I'll try out some other free/cheap options and see if I can get any better results.

    Thanks for the info.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    VirtualDub is a good, free option. Not the easiest to use, so be prepared to spend some time with the documentation, but a great processor tool. 

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    You can also use the Da Vinci Resolve stabilization, then export to DNxHD or Cineform

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    Wow - DaVinci Resolve stabilization is just as good or better than Mocha for this shot - thank you , @whakan!

  • You're welcome, Happy to know it helped

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