Axel's Mocha holographic display project file complains "newer version" but I'm on latest

I'm on win64 ver 6.1.7208 build 42532... IS that latest? 

Otherwise -- surprised I'm not seeing any other comments on this.


  • That does appear to be the latest release according to the support page, though that page doesn't list the build number.  However, digging into the project file, the app version number shown there is 6.1.1534.  The latest Mac version is 6.1.1513, so it appears that @AxelWilkinson might've accidentally used a beta version of the next Pro update when saving that project.  Not sure if there's some internal trickery that would allow him to roll it back to the latest full release, but I'll let him chime in.

  • Or not!  :-)  Well, I'll be patient.  He's probably putting the electrics and plumbing into those new walls about now...

  • EmmaEmma Staff
    edited January 25

    @MrChris If you download the project file again from the link in the YouTube tutorial you'll be able to open it in HitFilm Pro 6.1 now. Thanks for letting us know so we could fix it. Your patience is appreciated!

  •  Thanks Emma.  I did the Mocha practice without the project and ended up with my holographic display a bit "off" and without a ready-made cheat sheet (the project file), I ended up having to figure something out, so I reckon I got a couple extra ... ahem... learning opportunities. :-)

    I may not need the project file but I'm really happy to help!!


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