Music Video - Transition Cross Fade Dissolve on 4 Sec. Long?

When making music videos I often use long cross fade dissolves on slow songs to create a dreamy suspended time feel.

4 sec. seems to be the HitFilm Pro max length. Is there a way to dissolve over 6, 8 or even 12 seconds?

Also, I want to start with a fade in from black... I assume that is a separate transition, but does it have a 4 sec. limit too?



  • Nope. Hitfilm NLE transitions are limited to 5 seconds. For anything longer you will have to manually construct that with a composite shot.

  • Oh, My Gosh! Really? That makes things much more complicated for a video that might have 20 or 30 of those longer shots.

    Bummer :-(

    Thank you!

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    You can do manually do a cross resolve on the editor timeline by working with two video tracks. In the middle of any track you see that line representing the opacity. All you need to so is keyframe that.

    When you want a cross fade for e.g. 15 seconds to half and than back to full you go to sec. 15, make a keyframe by pressing STRG+left mouse, drag that down to the desired opacity, then go to sec 30 and do the same with that point dragged up to full opacity.

    So for that you don't need a composite shot.

    Edit: Here is a simple example of fading a yellow and red plane

  • Looks like fade ins are only 5 seconds too. I of course need 6 sec.

    Bless you! Thanks very much!

  • What is the STRG key? (Windows 10 here) I don't have one of those fancy keys that I know of! ;-)


  • Sorry, I was thinking in German Keyboard layout. It's CTRL :)

  • Hah! That's great. Thanks!


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