[RESOLVED] Not able to export videos

I can't export any of my videos, I can't save anything either.



  • Also, whenever I try to save, It says "File Not Found"

  • Much more detail is needed before any help can be given:

    1. Which version of HitFilm are you using?
    2. What OS are you on?
    3. What are your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive)?
    4. What are the exact steps you're following that lead to the problem?

  • Hey there, jsbarrett.

    I'm using the updated version of Hitfilm Express. I'm also using Windows 10.

    The steps I'm using is when I finish editing a video is I add the video to the export tab. After that, I start the export, then that is when the error comes in.

  • You skipped question 3, which is actually kind of important.  :)

    What is the error message you're seeing?

  • i think

  • ...which brings me back to question #3. Please list your system specs.

  • never mind, i fixed the problem

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