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Hi, I had some  of my super8films from the 60's converted to dvds. I then converted those to mp4 format which I'm trying to better organize with HitFilm Express 2017. I want to edit out some bad sections between useful sections of footage in the same clip. I marked the beginning and end of the bad section with the 'in out' markers. How do I  then delete these unwanted sections. I'm kind of sure I'm going bout this the wrong way I'm very new to the  video tutorial on editing . PaulO


  • @paulose ; You want to use the razor blade looking icon to the left of the timeline window and left of the composite area.  It allows you to put the timecode marker at a specific section (the start of a bad spot) and then left click on it to "slice" the clip (Don't worry this is only in the Hitfilm program not the actual file) then scroll forward to the end of the bad spot and repeat.  After that you can easily right click on the bad section (You must change the razor tool back to the arrow icon at the top of that column) and click delete.  It will leave a space which if you right click with the cursor in that area you get the option to Ripple Delete and it will close the space.  Note: Ripple Delete is only for the Editor timeline.  In a composite a slice creates another layer and after you delete a portion you have to manually drag the bottom layer to the end of the first part of the edit above it.  I hope this made some sense for you and helps you out.

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    Tddavis gives correct advice, but this video covers all Hitfilm's editing tools.

  • @Triem23 ;  Damn, I always forget to look up add a video link...  

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    @tddavis at least you don't post "look at this video" then forget to add the link. I do that at least twice a week! :-)

  • Thanks for that info and link. That really does help .

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