Installer file corrupted

When hitfilm express is installing it says "the cabinet file' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be e used. This could indicate a network error, and reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package." I've tried so much but my problem wont go away.


  • Try re-downloading the installer. 

  • I'm having this happen too. I've re-downloaded the installer four times now; same result every time. Earlier versions worked ... could there be some reason other than a corrupt download?

  • Wait, this is weird. Downloaded 4 times via Chrome and it was corrupt every time; tried IE or Edge or whatever it's called now and it worked. Why? Don't know. But maybe something to try, GameChanger.

  • That is strange indeed. Sometimes the installer gets corrupted if you have pending windows updates. Unfortunately that is not something we have control over. I'm glad it now works for you.

    @GameChanger please contact us again if you can't make it work.

  • I downloaded my 2017 via Chrome and all went well for me so Chrome cannot be 100% at fault.

  • I've got his same error, i've tried HF Express 3 and 4. The installation only worked on a torrent version, but i can't activate that.

  • @LordGadeia ;The latest Express version is HitFilm Express 2017.  Give that a shot and see if it works.  If not, perhaps share your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive) and OS version.

  • @LordGadeia Please also run all the Windows updates and restart your machine. Sometimes pending Windows updates are blocking new installation of software.

  • Hlep me to fix media 1cab error


  • @nic13 Please install ALL available Windows updates and then restart your machine. If it still doesn't work then please contact support

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