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Using the slice tool, I trimmed down my composite to the length required for my aim. However when the composite is used in the editor, it still retains the length of the clip used initially for the composite, despite being sliced. I've tried using short cuts "I" and "O" to set in and out points but I don't think it even registers. I have no idea how to limit the composite to its appropriate length.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been running into this problem a lot and its finally broken me.

Length in composite VS. length in editor


  • Well, I can apparently edit the properties to artificially set a length. An improvement. However, I'd much rather the time reflect the actual content in the composite.

  • Composite timelines, unlike the NLE/editor timeline, are always a fixed length regardless of content. So if you want to use a comp you need to setup the length you need it to be.

    You can trim a composite that is placed on the NLE timeline if you need to.

    "I've tried using short cuts "I" and "O" to set in and out points but I don't think it even registers"

    In and out points are not for trimming. They do register but they only set the in/out points for looping playback in the viewer.

    You might want to check out the videos from Hitfilm University. They cover everything you could possibly want to know about using Hitfilm. From soup to nuts. Here is a link to the one on composite shots but you will probably want to look at some others.

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    A quick note on editor timeline vs composite timelines. 

    The Editor Timeline is where you sequence media clips together in order to create a program/film/show. 

    A Composite Shot is where one layers together elements and animation to create a media clip for the Editor Timeline. 

    So you can think of a Composite Shot as a virtual video clip. That's actually how the Editor Timeline sees a Comp, and how a Comp sees an embedded Comp. This also means the Editor won't see I/O points in a Composite. 

    Which leads back to Norman's post above--a Composite Shot is always a fixed amount of time, but can be trimmed on the Editor Timeline like any video clip.

    I thought maybe a quick note on the design logic might help you understand the behavior. 

    Final note: in any layer-based compositor you'll find similar workflow. Hitfilm calls them Composite Shots, AE calls them Compositions, Boris FX/RED calls them Containers, but, in all cases you have a fixed and defined length. A Boris Container is treated as a video clip by the host NLE, Premiere treats an AE Composition as a video clip, as does Hitfilm's Editor with a Composite Shot. 

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    There are some curiosities that are being raised by the information provided,  like why a virtual video clip cannot have an edited length and why those properties exist as exclusive features of composite shots, but I'll assume these are rooted in my own ignorance about hitfilm.  As both of you seem to understand this aspect, I will check out the links provided.

    Thank you both for your informative input. It is greatly appreciated!

  • " like why a virtual video clip cannot have an edited length"

    It can. A composite shot is not a virtual video clip. It is a video timeline. A timeline of a user specified length and an arbitrary number of video+ audio layers.

    A video 'clip' as you describe is more like a clip on the NLE timeline. There you can trim the left/right edges of the clip. The source of an NLE clip can be a media file or a composite shot. A composite shot can be thought of as something of a virtual media file.

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