Set the background color back to transparent

I accidentally set the background color to black, how do i set it back to transparent?


  • @louis921222 ; Top right corner above the viewer area is the word: OPTIONS and a little triangle.  Click that and halfway down click on checkerboard background.  This should change the check mark from background color to checkerboard, and change your viewer background.  Hope this helps you out.

  • You see to the left of background color, it's a block square, if i open a new project, it's just transparent, this is on a project that i've spent alot of time on, and i need the background to be transparent, so i need to set it back.

  • @louis921222 ; Okay, you are in a composite shot, correct?  I think you have a camera added (by a 3D layer most likely) if you didn't add one yourself.  That makes both my background options lose the check marks and turns the viewer black.  It should still be transparent (unless you have added a plane to your composite) when you export out with a transparency-friendly format; i.e. PNG, MOV, (and I think Cineform, but I am not certain on that one.)  One way to test this out would be to add a still image of some sort under all the layers in your composite and see if you can see it where the background is now black.  That means those areas are really still transparent.

  • No it's not. When you open a new project, it's transparent, but if you click on background color, it lets you chose a color for the background, and once you have chosen the background color, you can only chose another one, and not remove it entirely, which is what i'm trying to do. I accidentally clicked on it, and i chose black, and now it's stuck with a background color.

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    You're over thinking this. A background color in the viewer is only for display purposes in the viewer. It is NOT a solid background for purposes of compositing and output formats that preserve transparency.

    Basically you can ignore the background color. 

  • Oh..........thanks........

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    @Triem23 ; Oops, I totally misunderstood that then...  Sorry to have led @louis921222 astray like I did.

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