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Hi, earlier today I posted in the Techniques forum. I kept forgetting and was adding more info to make my post complete and edited one too many times. I completely understand the need to approve, I was just hoping as it happened early in the day it would have been approved by now.  Being a mod at another site, I know it's important to wait and not try to post the same thread again.

Does it take a set amount of time or is it based on the availability of mods/admins?



  • Not sure where you're located, but the HitFilm office is in the UK.  If you're in the US Pacific time zone, for example, 9am for you is 5pm for them.  Chances are it wasn't seen before heading home.  My gut says it'll be caught tomorrow.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Generally posts shouldn't require approval to post. Something must have triggered the spam filter. I'll tag a Staff member. Someone should be able to release your comment into the wild. Sorry. Happens occasionally. 

    @DanielGWood crispalomo seems to have a post stuck in limbo. 

  • Thank you, jsbarrett and Triem23.  Much appreciated.  I figured cuz I edited too many times in a short period of time. This isn't a problem on the forums I help mod, but I can see where it could trigger in others. I'll remember for next time. ;)

    And am in Los Angeles. Thanks for reminding me of the time difference.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'm Orange County. Same time difference.

    For the record Mods don't see the spam filters. We can delete individual comments and split/merge threads. That's it.


  • Gotcha, thanks for the info. 

  • @crispalomino As it's been said above, your post got flagged as spam for some reason. We've had some really bad spam attacks in the past which forced us to configure our spam filter to be quite strict. Unfortunately this means that sometimes some legitimate posts are being blocked. I've validated your post and added you to the whitelist. Sorry about the inconvenience. Welcome to the HitFilm forums! :)

  • No problem, Cedric. The forum where I moderate got hit with so much spam we had to resort to placing everyone new in mod queue to screen before release. It was the only solution with how hard we were being hit. I completely understood. Thank you for releasing my post and I am at least aware of what may have triggered it so that I can avoid it. Thanks again.

  • edited January 23

    Yesterday I wrote a post and when I clicked Post to start the thread, a message "you post will need to be approved" (something like that) appeared but I can't see where it is pending approval (in my profile page doesn't show up.

    Thank you

  • I believe the only folks who can see pending posts are staff.  @CedricBonnier Can you take a look?

  •  @whakan I've validated it for you. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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