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Hello, I have had Hitfilm Express 2017 for a few weeks. It worked perfectly fine until yesterday. I got a new DSLR And I took some videos with hopes to edit them into a cool stunt. When I try to import them, it says "loading" then it crashes. I have Windows 7 With all requirements met. Please help! Thanks.


  • UPDATE: I got a new SD Card and it still wont import.

  • @Starwarsfan78 ; It would be a big help if you could post some info on the files like format and size, dimensions, etc.  Also, if you could download and install MediaInfo and then post a text report copy here it would great improve our chances of of diagnosing your problem.  One thing to try, if you haven't already, is to try and import a single one of your files and see if it will.  It might be a case of your system 'biting off more than it can chew.' :)

  • Size of what? And I am able to Import pictures from my old SD

  • I meant the file sizes and that sort of stuff.  You never know when you might run into a limitations that swoops in out of the blue on specs. If Hitfilm doesn't like the files from the new SD it's format maybe something unusual.  I had a cheapie USB stik that had a format I never heard of and some things would see it for love nor money until I reformatted it with a FAT.  Does your OS see the card?  If so, you might try moving one or two to your computer and see if Hitfilm can load them from there.  If so, I would strongly believe it's a format thing of the card.

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    Let's ask more questions, because you actually haven't given enough information.

    What are your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage (yeah, Windows 7,but my autocorrect does that whole phrase now)? 

    What's the DSLR? That will tell us the codec/format information tddavis asked.

    What are the lengths and file sizes of the clips? 

    What was your prior camera? 

    Here's my first guess, and I'll give you 80% odds I'm correct:

    Your prior camera was probably a phone/tablet and created mp4 files. Your DSLR is probably creating mov files. You probably don't have Quicktime 7 installed, which is required for Express 2017 to read mov.

    So, download and install Quicktime here.

    Then open your web browsers and make certain all Quicktime plug-ins/add-ons are disabled. 

    Then reboot your PC and open Hitfilm. Should work now. 

  • You're 10% correct.

    My old camera was a GoPro Hero 5

    I have Quicktime 7, But it needs to be updated. When I try to get  a new version of 7 and install it, my computer tells me to make sure I own it

  • I have Windows 7 64bit, 8.00 Ram, Intel i7

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