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I tried to make a "composite" of a lower third. The background was transparent when I was editing but when I export it the file has a black background how do I fix that where I can create overlays for other videos?




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you are on a Mac you'll need to export as a Quicktime file, using the Pro Res codec, setting Channels to RGBA.

    On a PC you'll need to export Cineform with Channels set to RGBA. 

    It is not possible to export to mp4 with transparency. Transparency is not supported in mp4 at all, so, don't even ask. :) 

  • Not as good, but... you can also use the Hue & RGB Effect to chop out the black, if the edges aren't soft- because then it struggles with Anti Alaising. Depends on the contents of the lower 3rd.

  • @Palacono @Triem23


    I usually use PNG Sequences for lower thirds that I will use in other  editors.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @BobDiMarzio so do I, but I've moved to giving Cineform a try. Think a medium quality Cineform holds transparency and detail nicely and it works out smaller. PNG files are pretty big... 

  • @triem23 ;  I just gave Cineform mov with alpha a go, and you are 100% spot on.  BIG reduction in size, no discernible reduction in quality.   On that note I think sometimes we fuss over the perception of video quality right up until we  let youtube mangle the hell out of our footage.  :)   Also, for most of us hobbyists that are doing this for fun,   the cineform  codec render of our titles and such will be  cleaner then the "4 2 0" footage we are placing it over.

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    @BobDiMarzio true. That's also why I specified Medium Quality. The default Cineform preset is at Filmscan 1, which is overkill if your footage wasn't RAW or DNG to start with.

    PNG sequences used to be my go-to to output with Alpha, but now... 

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