Hitfilm pro text bug?

Is this a bug in HItfilm pro...I cant mask a text layer instead I need to make the text a comp shot then I can mask it.   


  • I can mask a text layer but what actually gets masked seems a bit odd. Offset by some amount. I'm not sure what is going on.

    Better shown than said. HF6.1


  • After making the mask, if you turn the mask (or the layer) off and then on, it will force the mask to reset to the proper place.  However, the interactivity gets messed up again the moment you move or edit the mask.  I found and reported this bug back when I was testing the prerelease version, and was surprised that it wasn't on the fix list in the first update.  Fingers crossed it'll make it to the next one.

  • @jsbarrett and we hope that locked layers are in the next one too


  • There is a bug and it needs to be fixed when dealing with masks

  • Yes. The team is aware of it.  Patience, friend.  :)

  • @jsbarrett I also noticed the bug in Beta, yes... Reported it as well a while back.

  • Just to confirm that we are aware of this but haven't had time to fix it yet. It'll get fixed asap but in the meantime, moving the playhead one frame forward then one frame back should fix the mask.

    Thanks for your patience.

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