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  • @spydurhank Thank you, initially I just set out to record some footage of the park but then movie mode kicked in when I got home and thought "Hey this would make for a good eerie scene" And so I played around with it. LOL

  • @FlyingBanana78 ; You did a very nice job with the D4N adjustments.  Really the only giveaway for me was the super hard shadows of the handrails.  The age old problem with D4N as I understand it.  In a bigger production this could be lessened by hanging diffuse scrim or shooting on an overcast day but a not bad attempt for our kind of film productions; Zero budget hobbyist. :)

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    @tddavis @Flyingbanana78

    Careful External quickly multiply  :)

     Photo below


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  • @BobDiMarzio ; You can say the again!  I think mine are part Tribble at the rate they reproduce around here :)

  • @BobDiMarzio holy spaghetti warehouse batman! :) 

    @tddavis LOL on the tribbles, yeah there is also some hard light too that is seen. Normally I would try to shoot on an overcast day for natural diffusion. I do that when creating my own textures for blender work, you really don't want any shadowing at all or over exposure.

  • This one is just a messing around bit taking a quick and I do mean quick 4 second and maybe 2 minute modeling and animation in Blender and rendered out to a png image sequence with two tracking points on each side of the engine locations to see if I could get that to export correctly into Hitfilm. The rest of the footage is just really playing around after the fact of seeing that I had two tracked empties that did export and matched the animation. Sorry if the sound is too loud, I still can't figure out how to disable the auto sound leveling on this laptop when using headphones.

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    This was another model I made in Blender then composited in the clouds and a sky gradient in Hitfilm, kind of figured it went with my username FlyingBanana so figured I would create a plane with bananas on it. 


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    Like the displacement on the uncloak, and, hey! Plane with bananas on it makes perfect sense!

  • @Triem23 and @spydurhank thank you. I am still working on the FlyingBanana plane still painting the uv map for as well as doing a painted bump map texture as well for panels/windows/and rivets.

  • Bannairlines. Thumbs up!

  • This is the start to a scene that I am making to use as a virtual set for green screen. I am creating it in Blender then once the modeling is all done then I will get into detailing textures and sections that will be keyed (like monitors and digital displays) once that is done then I will bake the appropriate textures and have a model ready to be exported and used in Hitfilm Pro. I know there is other ways of just using projection but figured I would try to build something from scratch from the ground up. But at any rate this is where I am at so far with it.

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    Set looks good! 

    Honesty, if you have the skills to create a full 3D model and get that into Hitfilm that will give better results than Projection. All those half walls you have would become their own planes, you'd have to create a BG plate without the half walls to avoid artifacts, etc. Projection is something that, paradoxically, is incredibly versatile and incredibly limited at the same time.

    @spydurhank and @NxVisualStudio could both give advice on optimizing models for Hitfilm import. 

  • I agree with @Triem23 +1 go full 3D if you can instead of using projection. Nice set btw. :)

  • Thank you for the input @spydurhank and @Triem23. I am onto the uv mapping and texturing phase now so hopefully I will have something to show again soon.

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